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Tribute to Spain at the Drum Festival

Tribute to Spain at the Drum Festival

A tribute to Spain is the proposal of the eighteenth Drum Festival "Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam", which will be held in Havana, from March 4 to 10. In a press conference Giraldo Piloto, president of the event, said that the event will include casino, rumba and percussion competitions.

One of the particularities of this edition will be the change of the usual venues for the Atril Room and the Karl Marx Theater Parking, as well as the theater itself, the Cultural Center El Sauce and the Memories Miramar Hotel, where press conference with guest musicians will be offered. Also as a novelty will be included master classes in dance, piano-flamenco and guitar-flamenco.

Between the artists they emphasize the Spanish Laura de los Ángeles, Patax, y Diego El Cigala, aside from recognized musicians of the United States, Canada and Cuba, like Joachim Horsley, Aldo Mazza, Tomás Ramos (El Panga), Daimé Arocena, y Rodney Barreto. It will also include the presence of Los Van Van, El Noro y Primera Clase, El Niño y La Verdad, Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor, e Isaac Delgado, among others.

Piloto pointed out that for the first time they will have a national event and they will be able to count on students from the Art Schools of Santiago de Cuba and Pinar del Río, in addition to Matanzas who had participated the previous year with the students of the National Center of Artistic Teaching

The International Festival and Festival of the Drum "Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam" aims to promote the heritage of this important Cuban percussionist and show how much potential there is in our art schools.

The Drum Festival is organized by the Cuban Music Institute, the National Center for Popular Music and the Provincial Department of Culture of Havana. The activities also pay tribute to the 500th anniversary of the capital.