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ESTE ARTE: Why doing an art fair anyway?

ESTE ARTE: Why doing an art fair anyway?

We thrive sharing art and knowledge. We relish connecting artists and art lovers. We support our community.

We planned a 2021 edition online and in-person.For the ones in Uruguay, a series of masked face-to-face programs and private events thanks to our local exhibitors. For the ones around the globe, a kaleidoscopic vision through of the world critical essays, inquisitive interviews and exploratory video tours of our international exhibitors.

We evolve. We adapt. We can't stop now. Join us for the seventh edition of ESTE ARTE, taking place from January 2021.

ESTE Journal

In line with our mission to support our exhibitors, as well as curators and art writers, ESTE Journal is a new platform to present artists and their work, from a unique perspective.

ESTE Invita

In line with our human scale format and personal approach, a program of private art related events, by invitation only. ESTE Invita supports the art community, encourages dialogue and facilitates  connections.

ESTE Podcast

Interviews on visuals arts, from Uruguay. Each episode is a glimpse into the different roles and functions of what makes the art ecosystem work.