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The Gabo Festival is lived in Medellín

The Gabo Festival is lived in Medellín

Medellín is the epicenter of the seventh edition Festival Gabo in honor of the great Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez between October 2 and 4; a world event that brings together relevant journalists and writers, students of related careers among other professionals from twenty-two countries such as Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, United States and Sweden.

Convened by the Gabo Foundation with the aim of encouraging the search for excellence, innovation and ethical coherence in journalism, the event seeks to bring together the best stories of Latin America in a marathon that allows to exchange work experiences, develop techniques and skills for better information management, as well as awarding the Gabo Prize for the best story in each of the four categories: Coverage, Text, Image and Innovation.

Art and culture are also welcomed as part of the Festival's program. Related activities include the series The favorite films of Gabo, the inauguration of the photographic exhibition Hello, I, m Kitty by Joana Toro and the premiere of the conference-performance directed by Álvaro Restrepo for the Company of the Body of the Indies, entitled Two Volcanoes and a maze.

The samples are inaugurated in the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, the Lido Theater, the Gabriel García Márquez Library Park, the Botero Square and the San Antonio de Padro Library Park, according to the Gabo Foundation website.

As a novelty of this edition there will be presentations of the most recent journalistic books of Latin America. Between the titles they emphasize In the edge of the razor of Yolanda Ruiz (Colombia), You know who of Rodrigo Fluxá (Chile), To travel and to tell it of Juliana González-Rivera (Spain).

The Gabo Prize and the Gabo Festival have a public-private partnership between the Mayor's Office of Medellín and the Bancolombia and Sura groups with their subsidiaries in Latin America.