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Jane Kahan Gallery at LA Art Show 2022

Jane Kahan Gallery at LA Art Show 2022

We're excited to welcome Jane Kahan Gallery as an exhibiting gallery in the Modern and Contemporary section of the LA Art Show 2022! The New York City-based gallery specializes in Modern Master prints, sculpture, paintings, important 20th Century Fine Art tapestries and Picasso Ceramics. 

In the upcoming Show, Jane Kahan Gallery is presenting one of this year's Featured Exhibitions, CONCEPTUAL TRADITIONS, a selection of artworks from its collection of 20th century art by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Alexander Calder. This exhibition brings together five works that highlight the collaborative process of creating art in specialized mediums such as tapestry, printmaking and ceramic.

Known for creating powerful images inspired by the beauty of the natural world, these artists often shared their artistic drives with artisan workshops that guided their visions to realize large-scale concepts. With methods and materials sourced directly from the earth, the featured works give viewers a chance to observe stylistic similarities and technical skill across mediums.

"We are thrilled to be participating in the 27th annual LA Art Show, which means we move forward with the tête-à-tête contact necessary for all human creatures," said gallery director Jane Kahan. "Kassandra did tremendous work for the 2021 edition and I'm so glad that she is continuing to lead the show."