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Joan Cornellà at Scope Miami

Joan Cornellà at Scope Miami

The exhibition will showcase 25 pieces, including works on canvas and paper, prints and the artist signature merchandise. Beside some of his classical iconic pieces the artist will reveal a completely new body of works, especially linked to this occasion and environment and will release two brand new screen prints.

Joan Cornella' (1981, Barcelona). Is an artist illustrator and a cartoonist, well-known for his dark and quirky humour, often described as disturbing and outrageous. With his own visual code, which is minimalist and unusual, Joan Cornellà uses satire to denounce the grim and dark part of the human nature. He raises awareness on our hypocrisy and our obsession with many topics of our everyday lives. The colors of the sets and the perturbingly stillness of his characters reminds the spectator of the 1950's advertisements, however, a morbid atmosphere hides behind this happy, yet cynical, faces. Cornellà does not hesitate to mock taboos. His artworks are bold and direct, and describe our daily routine scenes. Since no topic is "off limit" for Joan, some people might feel offended by his work, but once the viewer get deepen into his cynical and direct approach the appreciation grows exponentially. Honest and incredibly entertaining, Cornellà's work sends a true signal: he puts us in front of our own failings, masked behind an obvious humour. Besides having collaborated with a lot of major magazines such as: La cultura del Duodeno, El Periódico, Ara the The New York Times, he exhibited his artworks in galleries and public venues all over the world. 

Joan Cornella' will reveal a new body of original works executed on Canvas, cardboard and paper.

Together with the original artworks and his classical giclee prints Joan Cornella' will release 2 brand new, hand pulled, screen prints, available at Scope and On-line (on GR gallery web store) from Tuesday Dec 3 at 12:00 pm EST and will showcase his signature merchandise, including posters, t-shirts and books.