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LA Art Show News

LA Art Show News

The LA Art Show is just a little more than six months away! Our return to the LA Convention Center – February 15 to 19, 2023 – will be a splash! 

Guided by the leadership of LA Art Show producer /director Kassandra Voyagis, for our 28th edition we will showcase a greater number of select exhibitors from Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America, along with an unprecedented line-up of exciting events, performances and specially curated exhibitions, as well as our signature curated program, DIVERSEartLA.

As we get closer to the date we're very excited to share more details about what's in store for  2023. Please stay tuned... 

DIVERSEartLA Returns in 2023!
Addressing Climate Change through Art
We're pleased that DIVERSEartLA will return in 2023, renewing our commitment to drive social change on the problem of climate change through art. A multi-disciplinary exhibition, DIVERSEartLA is geared to contextualize the science of climate change through immersive experiences and installations, in an effort to bolster support for climate action. 

"Humans are changing the Earth's natural systems in rapid and unprecedented ways," said DIVERSEartLA curator Marisa Caichiolo. "This has propelled our planet into a new geologic era: the Anthropocene. How do we navigate these changes we've caused? Where can we have positive impacts? And where do we find hope?" 

For 2023, DIVERSEartLA will once again involve collaborations with international museums, art institutions and non-profit organizations seeking to address these issues and find solutions. 

Last year, our DIVERSEartLA program featured a series of experiential large scale immersive installations involving eight participating projects, each with museum sponsorship.  We're very proud to present dynamic, state of the art programming designed to be visually stimulating, provocative and informative at the same time. 

Gallery Highlights
Returning to the LA Art Show in 2023!
LP Gallery
This month, we're pleased to highlight LP Gallery, a contemporary art gallery and artist residency located in Seoul, South Korea... and LA Art Show exhibitor returning in 2023! Among the artists represented by LP Gallery are Dain Yoon and Hong-Shik Kim. Check out LP Gallery on Instagram.

Dain Yoon

Dain Yoon is a young NY-based Korean artist who creates innovative pop surrealist works in which she herself appears as the canvas. Using make-up as a tool, the artist manifests complex and extraordinary optical illusions. Sometimes referred to as a make-up artist, Dain Yoon is actually a classically trained painter who attended art school in Korea. Her mesmerizing work also engages the audience through performance.

Hong-Shik Kim

Hong-Shik Kim is also a classically trained Korean artist. In her series, Dialogue in the Museum, Kim explores what motivates museum-goers to see famous classic artworks, like the Mona Lisa and The Birth of Venus. Through her creations, Kim asks: Why fly thousands of miles to see these famous works of art? Are they priceless? Who decides their value?