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"Themselves" Warehouse Festival

"Themselves" Warehouse Festival

“Themselves” Warehouse Project is a 3-day festival situated in Copeland Park’s Unit 8 Warehouse space. Exploring the capabilities of multi-disciplinary practice, and purposefully created as a conclusion for the South East London – “Themselves” Series.

Showcasing the Work of 91 visual artists, 36 music performances and Special guest delivering: Talks + Q & A's + Lectures + Presentations + Workshops… We aim to give engaged individuals, activists and unheard voices a platform for their work and ideas. Creating in return a vibrant network of multi-disciplinary discussion and engagement which looks at specific activist work through the network and commune series.

What to Expect: An exhibition area, sensory experience and therapeutic spaces, a group assemblage installation structure and communal conversation platform, main stage for acts, music, bar, a rolling performance stage, cinema screen wall, secluded film screening room, talks & discussion panel stage and a stall and tented networking area intended to generate a space where people can engage directly with specific projects and ideas. Giving charities and local community groups a solid interface front to talk and engage with locals.

“Themselves” Warehouse 3-day event will continue through an open exhibition and a long-durational performance installation, activism workshops, conferences, specific film screenings and theatrical performances. The core aim is to create a multi-disciplinary space for collaboration and conversation engaging with the local community. Themselves Warehouse festival will be a catalyst for future work of such events through the Themselves network.



Sponsored by Goldsmiths AFF

Organized by the Grassroots C.I.C Multi-disciplinary Network and think-tank/content platform 'THEMSELVES'


“Themselves” Warehouse Festival





Themselves Warehouse project

UNIT 8 WAREHOUSE, Copeland Park, Bussey Building, London SE15 3SN |Peckham|

29th-31st MARCH 2019