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12-14 contemporary. OK & JETZT

12-14 contemporary. OK & JETZT

an experiment

When we started our exhibition series for media art & und Solos, we were trying to find new ways to experience art in space. We were explicitly looking for new works in the field of performance, new media installations and site specific light and kinetic works.
Now, as we cannot invite the audience to our gallery, we have to deal with the experience of art in digital space. We pose the question of the echo of art, the resonance. How important is the space that surround the artwork and the spectator. How important is the enclosed exhibition space and how can we avoid conventional opening habits. How do we reach a wide audience and how do we create an active dialogue on art? Is there an advantage in digital media?

With OK & JETZT we're showing an exhibition interface between the digital and analog world. Performances, Happenings, sculptural interventions, AR and new media works will be exhibited from May 7th to June 15th on The works will be shown live and with audience from the gallery 12-14 contemporary. At the same time, the gallery with its huge front window will display the process between art production and art representation.