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Latin America in Radar

Latin America in Radar

“Models to assemble: Aspects of Latin America’s contemporary culture,” is the title of the first bilingual monograph (Spanish-English) in Radar magazine, and it’s dedicated to critically mulling over Latin America and its contemporary cultural creations.


Issue one of this publication, dealing with art and thinking, came out on the heels of the Models to assemble: Thinking of Latin America from the MUSAC Collection, presented by this institution till early January and that from now on will be put out on a bimonthly basis.


The issue counted on such contributing writers as Armando Andrade Tudela (Peru, artist); Raul Cardenas (Mexico, architect and artist); Rosina Cazali (Guatemala, art critic and freelance curator); Ana Maria Duran Calisto (Ecuador, architect, researcher and copartner of Studio A0 design firm); Ivan de la Nuez (Cuba, chief of the CCCB Division of Cultural Activities, essayist, art critic and exhibit commissioner); Andrea Giunta (Argentina, PhD in Art at the University of Buenos Aires, professor of Latin American Art at the University of Texas and researcher with CONICET); Fernanda Gomes (Brazil, artist); Nicolas Guagnini (Argentina, artist and professor at the Barnard College of Columbia University); Pablo Leon de la Barra (Mexico, artist and freelance commissioner); Natalia Majluf (Peru, director of the Lima Museum of Art), and Jhafis Quintero Gonzalez (Panama, artist).


The magazine came into being with a view to support and theoretically enhance the work and research on contemporary developed at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Castile & Leon (MUSAC). It’s published and led by MUSAC director Agustin Perez Rubio; head curator Maria Ines Rodriguez, and external commissioner Octavio Zaya.


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