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International Event for Contemporary Video Creation

International Event for Contemporary Video Creation

With guests from almost 30 countries, the 4th edition of 2011 Camaguey International Video Art Festival is to be held on November 25 - 29, in this Cuban city.


Since previous events, the Festival has been profiled as an alternative for traditional circuits to promote young generations of Cuban artists, for it proposes this city as venue, invigorating its rhythm and implementing emerging proposals of different styles in the traditional atmosphere of its streets, focused on different themes. According to its original conception, FIVAC is an open space including all artistic expressions, young and acclaimed artists, experts and spectators, inviting to the creation and reflection.


As years go by, a larger number of creators from Cuba and the world attend the event, and this time it counts on representatives from Germany (Christin Bolewski, Johannes Langkamp, Verena Stenke and Wifried Agricola de Cologne); Argentina (Fabian Kesler, Fernando Sergio Picado, Gustavo Daniel Kortsarz, Javier Francisco Cabrera, Judith Adriana Rozenblat and Susana Perez Tort); Austria (Beate Hecher and Roland Wereger, along with Austrian-Italian Markus Keim); Brazil (Ana Moravi, Angella Conte, Caetano Tranassos de Britto, Dellani Lima, Fernanda Grigolin Moraes, Gisele Inacio da Silva, Lucimar Bello and the collective CIA. Excessos); Canada (Eugénie Cliché, Myriam Jacob-Allard, Emily Laliberté, Owen Eric Wood and Sebastien Pesot, as well as Indian-Canadian artist Khazim (Kaz) Rahman); Chile (Vivian Alvarez); China (Chia Yu Chen); Colombia (Camila Rodriguez Triana, Carolina Acosta Martinez, Diana Carolina Bejarano Martinez, Freddy Clavijo, German Palma, Jonatan Esquivel Cañon, Juliana Ladron de Guevara, Mario Alejandro Tobar Hincapie, Mauricio Rivera Henao and Oscar Mauricio Salamanca Angarita); Costa Rica (Jeymer Gamboa and Roy Carvajal Valverde); Cuba (with the participation of 33 artists including Amilkar Feria, Camila Garcia Enriquez, Celia & Junior, Duniesky Martin, Gretell Rasua and Yimit Ramirez); Spain (with 21 guests including Aitor Echeverria, Francisco Lopez Alonso, Maria Ibarretxe, Nuria Gil and Xose Vilaboy Vilariño); US (Danielle Paz, Diane Dwyer, Holly Streekstra, Ian Eduardo Deleon, Mary Flanagan, Nicholas Fraser, Omayra Rivera, Ricardo Miranda, Elaine Buckholtz, Robert L. Butler and Sarah Buckius); France (Muriel Montini); Finland (Albert Aleksanteri Laine and Kristina Laine); Hungary (David Adamko); England (Kiron Hussain and Michael Douglas Hawk); Ireland (Niall Farrell); Norway (Victor Mutelekesha); Peru (Mauricio J. Sanhueza and Grimanesa Amoros); Portugal (Antonio Oliveira Fernandes); Russia (Olga Chagaoutdinova); South Africa (Zwelethu Mthethwa and Matthew Hindley); Sri Lanka (Malaka Dewapriya); Trinidad and Tobago (Mark Anthony Thomas) and Venezuela (Dixon Daniel Calvetti)


Besides the competing exhibition, debate sessions will be held on topics related to trends in contemporary video-creation, festivals and other spaces that showcase experiences taken from the artists and the complexity entailed by its inclusion in regular circuits of art market. Attendees will be also dealing with the role played by cutting-edge technologies in audiovisual productions and the actions of critics, compared to the Cuban experience.


La Proxima Resistencia will be showcasing selections that represent the vast contemporary audiovisual scene, operating as platform for insertion and interchange between FIVAC and similar events all over the world. Projects Argentinean dreamers (Argentina), Cologne OFF (Germany), Danube VIDEOART festival (Austria),Gallery O+O (Spain), ((.move)) Videoarte en mOvimiento (Peru), the Exhibition of Young Producers from Cuba, Oslo Screen Festival (Norway), Pasado imperfecto (Ecuador) and Region 0.The Latino Videoart Festival (US), among others, have confirmed their participation.


We invite you to remain posted on the details related to the Festival through this bulletin.


Source: Press release