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Contemporary Art Fair Opens in Chile

Contemporary Art Fair Opens in Chile

By Fausto Triana


Santiago de Chile, October 1st. A work of the last of the Surrealists, the Chilean Roberto Matta, landed in his native country as part of   Ch.ACO Contemporary Art Fair, which brings together 30 galleries from today's world.


But there are other very interesting chapters in the consecrated date during the first two days devoted to professionals and from October 3rd to October 5th open to the public. One of them is the participation of Ivan Navarro, one of the most promising Chilean artists.


In fact, Navarro, settled in New York but with the desire to live in this capital next year, is a figure of international renown with his style of lighting sculptures, mirrors and neon strategies of visual arts.


I have a publishing project with music and want to rehearse in Chile, where for some inexplicable reason still literature and music find the best places, said the artist to Prensa Latina.


With exhibitions in museums and galleries in New York, Paris, Rome, Venice, Sao Paulo and other American cities, he develops installations of electrical circuits, series of lamps, bright networks and other visual forms.


"I come with an emotional need to recover the link with Chile and try approximations through music, with ideas in the contemporary art that can spark imagination and creativity," said Navarro.


Beside him, the enthusiastic director of the Ch.ACO, Irene Abujatum that changed her business career in the industry for cultural adventure and has already gathered intense six years of experience.


It is a contemporary Boutique Fair that seeks to promote the Chilean market and exchange with experts from Europe, USA and Latin America with various manifestations, she explained.


In the 2014 version galleries of Argentina, UK, Spain, Brazil, United States, Uruguay, Guatemala and Chile take part, along with 12 Chileans art projects featured for their creative proposal and management models (Pop-Up Spaces).


Also, 19 editorials and three collections of exposure are included in the exhibition. There are conferences, such as the one taught by Ivan Navarro, which can attract discussions on views of art and their impacts, while serving to boost sales, said Abujatum.


The head of the Fair considered that there is now an important artistic movement that goes beyond the well-earned reputation of Roberto Matta, and that now brings works of Cecilia Vicuña and Alfredo Jaar, as well as the path of Navarro.


Source: PL