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New Era for Art for Excellencies

New Era for Art for Excellencies

A warm welcome in the art world have had two presentations of the 20 circulation of the Magazine Art for Excellencies; the first in the Casa del Alba Cultural, as part of the recently concluded Habanarte Festival, and the second in the Jazz-Café of Galerias Paseo, in the promotion of the upcoming Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana.


In Casa del Alba, the Master Alberto Lescay, relevant artist and president of the Caguayo Foundation, praised the quality of the magazine, whose cover is illustrated with an excerpt from his work "Somos"; while the promoter and director Miguel Iglesias, highlighted the 55th  anniversary of Contemporary Dance of Cuba and its promising projects, and the singer Augusto Enriquez promoted the forthcoming Festival of Popular Music Benny Moré.


Barbara Rivero, art critic and president of the editorial board of / Art for Excellencies / said in her introductory remarks that "the greatest challenge for this new era is to go from the microcosm of the visual arts to an ecumenical vision of art and culture in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. "

The Jazz Café was the other meeting space for editors, artists and promoters, where Jose Carlos Santiago, president of the Excellencies Group attended on this occasion, and who sent a thank message to Cuban artists, and the system of cultural institutions promoted by the maintenance of the highest quality, and to those he offered the magazine / Art for Excellencies /, and thirty-five publications to which it belongs.

Jose Carlos de Santiago cited the example of the promotional efforts of the Excellencies Group, the Campaign for the 500th anniversary of Santiago de Cuba, the second capital of the island and that, in just two months, the publication system and its partners have already generated several hundreds of informative materials to enhance the hierarchy of this cultural and historical event.