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Eduardo Barco: When you stop reading you will stop writing

Eduardo Barco: When you stop reading you will stop writing

For this second exhibition at the Magda Bellotti gallery some works have been selected based on a collage, and have different material forms. They explore the coexistence of elements created and found in treasury and ideal order.


On one hand a selection of small papers full of energy, where basic shapes(triangle, square, circle, hexagon ...)  first arranged randomly and then responding to an order vitalize the look. Drawn forms or outlined on paper directly from pieces of wood of an old geometry game.


In the case of paintings and sculptures are some collages of wood, fabric and yarn on burlap, which speak of an integration and hierarchies where life can develop.


Miscellaneous parts and cuts of new materials or as a result of previous ideas, which find under the warmth of burlap or in its new dimension, a new expressive field.


In both cases binding of parts create other forms.



The artist's relationship with these materials is already long. There is an intention to recover materials that in one way or another have been accompanying the artist from his early works. The choice of colors is always important, whether the contrast is slight as if you try to think of the light from the solar surface.



It is a work that speaks of form and vision. Material and chance. Order and waste. Process, about the unfinished. They are elements in the service of a spectator, who decides if what the artist offers are remains of a collapsed building or foundation of a building under construction. The viewer can close it, add to it or not. The idea is not to make pictures as absolute certainties but simply open a window for us to peek.


Fúcar, 22 28014 Madrid. Spain.