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A Look Into “Empty Space”

A Look Into “Empty Space”

                                                                          “Nothing exist except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion"


The exhibit “Empty Space” from artist Jorge Lavoy opened on May 26th at the Kendall Art Center space. 

Located in the new gallery space of this art center; the public can appreciate in the first room, six two-dimensional pieces of large format made with various procedures and materials of the most diverse nature (drywall tape, pigmented resins, aluminum, wood, among others).  There is also an installation titled: Thoughts, consisting of small individual pieces that cover one of the walls and ceilings. The second room breathes a more intimate character. You can hear a meditation from the world-renowned speaker Bob Proctor. The pieces are much smaller; crystal is the prevailing support in contrast to small sculptural objects.

About the whole exhibit conceptualization, at the entrance, you can read the artist's words:

«All the pieces in "Empty Space" are frequencies emitted by my body (dictated by the subconscious mind). These are calibration exercises. The final result is a wave (the piece), which, emitted towards the dark matter, will travel the universe until it returns to me again.»

The show will be open to the public until June 28th, 2017.