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60 years of Casa de las Américas: a good, fruitful, and supportive life

60 years of Casa de las Américas: a good, fruitful, and supportive life

The sixty years are always worthy of celebration profusely, especially when the person who fulfills them has had a good, fruitful and solidary life, like the life of the House of the Americas.

In a press conference held in the Manuel Galich Room of the House itself, the rich program of actions that will take place in the second semester of the year was unveiled and highlights the inauguration on July 4 of the exhibition Faces of Argentine Art , in the Hispano-American Center of Culture, a set of paintings, engravings, and photographs of artists such as Carlos Alonso, Lea Lublin, Marcelo Gurruchaga, and Julio Le Parc, among others, in the context of the Day of Argentine Culture in Cuba.

Friday July 19 will be a special day in the summer programming of the House of the Americas, with the action The house by the window that will start at 10 in the morning with a fair of editorial novelties, souvenirs, magazines and old books; at 11 the tour will take place We will walk through the House, in coordination with the Rutas y Andares project, from the Office of the City Historian.

In the afternoon the book Casa de cuentos para niños will be presented, from the Colibrí Collection of the Casa publishing house; at 2 o'clock, the exhibition Mi Casa es tu casa will open and this photography contest will be awarded, and at 3 o'clock, the poet Soleida Ríos will develop the poetic action Susurro.

More book presentations from 4: La madriguera, by Milton Fornaro, Narrative Prize José María Arguedas; Los estratos, by Juan Cárdenas (La Honda Collection) and Huellas en el tiempo, by Ambrosio Fornet (Cuadernos Casa).

The exhibition Línea de la vida. 60 años de la Casa de las Américas will be inaugurated at several of the institution's spaces, which brings together images, objects, works of art, documents and audiovisual archives that recall all facets of the House since its founding, and that day will close with Djoy de Cuba and an electronics music party.

The Latin American Gallery of the House, from October 9 will exhibit, De Catálogo, a sample-tour through the history of the Art Collection of Our America "Haydee Santamaría", which is supported by documents, works, photographs and archival materials, and in which the actions associated with the restoration processes of these pieces can be appreciated.

Then in the second half of December, it will open its halls to León Ferrari: Works and / or Documents, organized jointly with the Argentine embassy in Cuba, is dedicated to this Argentinian artist with the purpose of demonstrating his close relationship with the Casa de las Americas based on correspondences, photographs and works. This project is carried out in collaboration with the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Cuba and thanks to this, the sample will have a set of works belonging to the diplomatic headquarters.

A long exhibition will have as location the Mariano Gallery: Huichol Art, from November 2019 to April 2020; this exhibition is made up of works from the Popular Art Collection of the House, mainly by Mexican pieces: Huichol tables, bowl and eyes of God, among others. The exhibition will include handcrafted objects and materials such as beads, yarn and wax that unites the ancestral pieces of the Huichol and the worship of sacred animals with the deeply spiritual creations of the artist Nadia Díaz Graverán, who will be present at the gallery during the putting on the sample.

The Program of Studies on Latinos in the United States will hold its 5th International Colloquium, from October 15 to 17, dedicated on this occasion to the management and cultural industries of Latinos in the north American country.

In the same way, the III Casa Tomada Workshop will take place in November. Land and territory of Young Thought and Creation; for the first time the meeting leaves the House and will reach several provinces of the country, and some of its areas of difficult access and with more than 30 Cuban and foreign guests will develop concerts, panels, workshops of visual arts, dance and theater works.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the House, the presidency of the House has decided to confer the Haydee Santamaría Medal to twelve intellectuals and artists whose work for the House is worthy of such distinction; among them, the American filmmaker Estela Bravo, who will receive it on July 4, the date on which the first cultural action of Casa de las Américas is commemorated.

The summer season Va por la Casa, includes summer courses in July, exhibitions, concerts and book launches and in August the activities will be developed by the Casa network, mainly at the Cuban Culture Art Fair in La Rampa.

From Monday 8 to Friday 12 July, the summer course «Cultural dynamics in the sixties in Latin America and the Caribbean» will be held in the Manuel Galich Room, where specialists from the House will talk about the artistic processes in the field of literature, the plastic arts, music and theater, and the role of the House of the Americas in the cultural context of the sixties of the last century.

The interesting Taller cartonera will be held on Wednesday 10, at 2 pm in the Reading Room of the library of the institution and calls on children over six years to make a craft book after the collective reading of a Latin American and Caribbean tale.

On Thursday, the 11th, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon the Puerto Rican artist Antonio Martorell, after 20 years, of his first intervention, will carry out the installation Ascensor al Paraíso II  which will be located through a "vertical journey" from the lobby of the institution to the Room Che Guevara.

Undoubtedly, with these cultural tasks will be achieved the initial purpose of the campaign for the 60 years of the House of the Americas that is to visualize the hard work that has been developed throughout its life and the undeniable cultural benefits that Cuba, Latin America and The world has, as a result, obtained.