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This Array of Colors: Stanley Whitney - Yves Klein

This Array of Colors: Stanley Whitney - Yves Klein

Galería Cayón is pleased to open its second season in Mahon, Menorca, with an exhibition focusing on the exploration of color through the works of Stanley Whitney (Philadelphia, 1946) and Yves Klein (Nice, 1928-Paris, 1962).

Whitney, whose work will appear in Galería Cayón for the first time, has been exploring the possibilities of color for several decades. In Whitney’s recent paintings, color takes center stage with off-kilter geometric areas of color filling his canvases. These spaces of color, laid out in a weave-like pattern, reflect the artist’s continued pursuit of placing color at the core of artistic creation. 

This Array of Colors

Stanley Whitney / Yves Klein

June 19 - September 5, 2019

Mahón, Menorca | Carrer Sant Roc 24