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 Bill Fontana. Primal Energies and Sonic Projections

Bill Fontana. Primal Energies and Sonic Projections

The American sound artist Bill Fontana will re-enact his famous Sonic Projections from Schloßberg (1988) project in Graz alongside a solo show and two live site-specific installations, one at the Kunsthaus Graz, the other in the city.

Beyond instrumental and composed music, Fontana's work centers on the activation of conscious listening, awareness of sound qualities and harmonies in everyday life.

With its site-specific and live audio-visual installations on renewable energies, his creations dive into the acoustic and visual structures of water, wind and geothermal energy.

In 1988, the Sonic Projections from Schloßberg sent out sounds from around the world into the city that echoed through the whole of Austria via the Ö1 Kunstradio (ORF) – the Austrian National Radio.

This year, Fontana will enable visitors to experience renewable energies present in a room by means of multi-dimensional soundscapes and picture montages. His most recent audio-visual works, acoustic and visual patterns overlap in mesmerizing harmony in order to make us "become fully present" (Fontana).