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Cuban pianists release new album in Spain

Cuban pianists release new album in Spain

Four Cuban pianists presented the album Tumbao in Madrid, Spain, under Cezanne label. The idea emerged following two consecutive recitals at Casa de América in Madrid by Cuban pianists Iván Melón Lewis, Luis Guerra, Pepe Rivero and Javier Massó, with musical production by Javier Monteverde, general manager of Cezanne Producciones.

Monteverde told Prensa Latina news agency that he asked the four pianists to record three pieces each for the album. Although each of them contributed their unique style, the Cuban identity stands out as a common denominator.

In the twelve-track album, the four pianists pay tribute to great Cuban pianists and composers like Ernesto Lecuona, Ignacio Cervantes, Miguel Matamoros, Emiliano Salvador and Rafael Hernández, among others, though with free versions marked by jazz and son.