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Daimler Contemporary Berlin. Sound on the 4th Floor

Daimler Contemporary Berlin. Sound on the 4th Floor

Since 2000, the Daimler Art Collection has had its own focus on 20th and 21st centuries' works in the fields of sound, composition, language, rhythm and this exhibition is the first to present a curated selection of them.

Sound on the 4th Floor sheds light on the importance of the medium of sound on modern and contemporary practices with new concepts such as the counterpoint, the chord combinations of jazz, computer-generated beats, sounds and frequencies. From Bauhaus and Classical Modernism (Albers, Arp, etc.), concrete and constructive movements (Fleischmann, Fruhtrunk, Graeser, Loewensberg, etc.), media practitioners, commissioned composers (Fleury, Signer and Zobernig in the 90's to Chan-Kyong in 2015), sculptors playing with the forms of musical instruments or places of language (Boyce, Veilhan).

Result of a close collaboration with Daimler Art Collection, Sound on the 4th Floor is compiled and arranged by the artist Gerwald Rockenschaub.

Until: 2 February 2020
Daimler Contemporary | Berlin, Germany