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David Zwirner Online. Harold Ancart

David Zwirner Online. Harold Ancart

This online-only exhibition features sculptures by Harold Ancart from a series which offered the artist a means to explore, within the constraints of the ordinary format of the pool, the endless possibilities of form and color.

The exhibited works are derived from the vernacular architectural structures of swimming pools, and also reference the work of Josef Albers, Jo Baer, Richard Diebenkorn, Peter Halley, and David Hockney, among other art historical, architectural, and everyday influences.

These three-dimensional relief forms are constructed from styrofoam remnants from the artist's studio, cast in concrete, and painted with rich layers and fields of color, bearing the traces of their making and engaging in dualities such as positive and negative space, form and surface, and sculpture and painting.

Since 2017, David Zwirner Online is the gallery's "seventh space" where visitors can explore and collect works from curated, online-only exhibitions by gallery artists and special collaborations.


FROM 10 APRIL 2020