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Exhibition Opening. Gallery MOMO

Exhibition Opening. Gallery MOMO

Please join us at Gallery MOMO Cape Town on Thursday, 7 June for the opening of Transmissions, the fourth installment of our annual video show.

In this group exhibition, five young local artists challenge the conventions of traditional video art. A (drag) queen’s mirror is a photo booth selfie. A cityscape is transported into the gallery via wormhole in the middle of the room. A gif is encased in an ornate, kitsch-baroque frame.

The result is a channel-surfing of sorts through eclectic worlds, each of them subverting traditions of cinematic form, as well as daring to ask questions about identity and intimacy, location and dislocation, reception and transmission.


Gallery MOMO

Stephané E. Conradie | Quaid Heneke | Claire Meekel, Riley Pam-Grant, and Abi Meekel | Jabu Nadia Newman | Roberta Rich