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Gabrielle Graessle: Coo coo ca Choo

Gabrielle Graessle: Coo coo ca Choo

The Yusto / Giner Gallery presents the first individual exhibition of Gabrielle Graessle in its space in Marbella. 

What Gabrielle Graessle's work proposes is a return to that pure and artifice-free intuition found in the innocence that resided in us before being what we have become. As Joan Miró did throughout his life, it is a matter of constantly simplifying until he seeks the truth found in the child who painted freely, interpreting the closest things, without an order, the one who translated the primary feelings without the need of theories or discourses; it is about the search for a purity that the years force you to lose if anyone wants to develop through the guidelines of this or any other civilised world. 

Gabrielle Graessle: Coo coo ca Choo

Opening:  Friday 17th June, from 7p.m. to 10p.m.

Galería Yusto/Giner. Madera 9. 29603 Marbella