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Hybrid Corals and Virtual Exhibitions

Hybrid Corals and Virtual Exhibitions

The virtual exhibition 'Shezad Dawood: Nets' at Timothy Taylor's online view room (5 November – 12 December 2020) presents an edition of Hybrid I, a coral sculpture which aims to raise attention to the dissemination of climate and biodiversity research, and explore the intersection between species, ecosystems and technology.

A specimen of Acropora loripes, based on professor Madeleine Van Oppen's experiments with hybrid coral was used as reference for Factum's 3D sculptor Irene Gaumé to create a model which was 3D printed in sections at Factum Arte and then cast in bronze. Both the artwork and its polyurethane base were painted with some areas coated with fluorescent paint.

On the cover: Hybrid I in the dark, showing the fluorescent effect © Oak Taylor Smith for Factum Arte