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LIVE #Crossroads. Eder Santos & Mariana Rondón

LIVE #Crossroads. Eder Santos & Mariana Rondón

Luciana Brito Galeria presents #Crossroads, a program of Lives that brings together a duo of visual artists for informal conversations, created and curated by Alexia Tala. 

Usually mediated by curators or other theorists, these events normally follow pre-established configurations and arranged questions. In #Crossroads, however, the idea is to escape these hierarchical 'question and answer' formats to promote a free dialogue between artists, without intervention. Every week, Luciana Brito Galeria's Instagram account will bring together an artist represented by the gallery and a guest for a chat about their artistic research and how, in some way, they intersect. 

The Live will gather Brazilian artist Eder Santos and Venezuelan director Mariana Rondón. Although they develop different investigations, they both tend to surprise the viewer with works that defy the eye and the common sense. #Crossroads happens on every Wednesday, starting at 2:30 pm GMT-3. 

About Alexia Tala

Alexia Tala (Chile) is an Independent Curator, specialized in Latin American art. Artistic Director of Plataforma Atacama, she is currently Chief-curator of the Paiz Art Biennial, in Guatemala. She has also co-curated the Mercosul Biennial and the Polygraphic Triennial of San Juan de Puerto Rico, as well as collaborating with several publications in Latin America and the United Kingdom.