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López Oliva´s serigraphy is printed to open screen

López Oliva´s serigraphy is printed to open screen

During the last few days, in the "René Portocarrero" Serigraph Workshop, a serigraphic stamp in gray, sepia, almost black and white, by Cuban visual artist Manuel López Oliva has been printed. The most distinctive of this original multiple is that does not constitute a reproduction in that medium of some of the artist's paintings, which has become almost normative of the reason for this center of cultural production, but rather it is a piece conceived there - based on tracings and blockages of the technique - through the united work of the aforementioned creator and two printers who are also young artists: Carlos Almeida and Jessica Vázquez.

This field of graphics was founded in 1983, as part of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets. And there began, with an International Meeting of artisans and printers of Serigraphy, the First Biennial of Havana. In later decades it became part of Genesis. Galleries of Art, where it still remains for the effort and inventiveness of those who strive to preserve it. Through its machines, in the first years, various well-known names of Cuban and world plastic arts passed through, which elaborated their visions there, thus fulfilling the purpose of their initial existence: to be a center for the multiplication of artistic realizations designed and executed for that genre, whose destination were not only commercial export, but also a possibility for the acquisition by collectors or only art lovers of our country.

As has sometimes been done by Moisés Finalé and Rubén Rodríguez, who were the core of the first artists-printers of the workshop, who was a professor of these in the seventies -López Oliva- assumes the challenge of returning the effective practice of that site of Cuba between Muralla and San Ignacio, in Old Havana, to its important original function. The work already in the stage of final consummation, which will soon be presented in an institutional entity of our visual arts, builds a true concert of "beings-masks", which has been typical of the language of that worker of our symbolic culture since 1992.

On the cover: serigraphy of López Oliva in the process of realization.