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New Museum of Belgian Art

New Museum of Belgian Art

With a collection of nearly 8,000 works initially gathering the collections of the city of Ostend and the former province of West Flanders, the Mu.ZEE is reopening and reinventing itself with a new mission: to tell the story of Belgian art from 1880 to the present day.

Featuring seminal works by famous Belgian artists of international renown_ James Ensor, Léon Spilliaert, René Magritte, Paul Delvaux, Constant Permeke or Marcel Broodthaers_, Mu.ZEE's collection also focuses on the production of "pacesetters" _ Frits Van den Berghe, Roger Raveel, Raoul De Keyser, Raoul Servais_ or even lesser-known but remarkable artists such as Marthe Wéry, Jacques Verduyn and Walter Swennen.

Through the rich and interesting character of its collection, Mu.ZEE offers a unique insight into Belgian art, its history and developments and highlights the achievements of artists, either born in or who ended up in Belgium, a country that has always been a sanctuary for artists.