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Nordic Film Festival in Cuba addresses LGBTIQ +

Nordic Film Festival in Cuba addresses LGBTIQ +

For the first time, the Nordic Film Festival in Cuba tackles LGBTIQ + with a program that will be screened in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey and Havana between April 1 and May 12.

The sample consists of seven films, all on the subject LGBTIQ +; among them a fiction feature film; a short musical fiction, an animated film, three documentaries and the multi-award series Never Clean Tears without Gloves (Sweden 2012), which is structured in three chapters; It is considered among the best of its kind exhibited that year, and addresses the issue of the HIV epidemic.


Become in Ann
Become in Ann


Ambassadors of Norway and Sweden in Havana, Excellencies Ingrid Mollestad and Jonas Lovén, respectively, led a meeting with the cultural press in the Film Promotion Center Fresa y Chocolate, and offered details of the event.

Mr. Lovén stressed in his speech that although there have been other film festivals of these nations on the island, it is the first time that the film curators focus their interest on this central axis, and for its importance and relevance, each screening will be accompanied a panel discussion to encourage debate with the audience, as it is one of the purposes of the event to convene a wide audience.


Only a normal person
Only a normal person


They explained that in Santiago de Cuba the screenings will be in the Cuba cinema, from the first to the 6th of April; in Camagüey in the New World room, from April 9 to 12, and in Havana in the Multicine Infanta, from May 7 to 12.

«These are issues that are increasingly discussed in society," said the diplomat, and said "we are pleased to present our event at this cultural center, Fresa y Chocolate, because the film from which it takes its name was the that two decades ago introduced this very relevant topic and at that time much more sensitive than today ».

Later, Ms. Mollestad said: «We know that in the whole world the LGBTIQ + community is facing many challenges not only on everyday life but also of a legal nature. Luckily lately there is much more awareness and greater knowledge of the governments and international organizations that are in fact working to improve this situation ».


Nordic Film Festival in Cuba


Towards the end of his speech he considered «These issues are very similar in Norway, Sweden, Cuba and throughout the world. I think our three countries can work together to defend the rights of the LGBTIQ + community».

Both diplomats thanked the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX) and the Ministry of Culture for their support in Cuba for the realization of the Nordic Film Festival LGBTIQ +.


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