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"Pase de Revista" in Trinidad

"Pase de Revista" in Trinidad

Twenty artists who live in Trinidad city met at the "Benito Ortiz" Art Gallery, to open the exhibition "Pase de Revista", with works that have appeared in the pages of Arte por Excelencias magazine in last years, as a greeting to the celebration of the First Gourmet Trinidad Seminar 2018, convened by the Office of the Conservator, with the advice of the Excelencias Group.

The art critic Arnet Cadalso, curator of "Pase de Revista", expressed in the opening remarks the high satisfaction of the creators present there, with the tangible fact that Arte por Excelencias has accompanied them for more than ten editions, from the number 24 that circulated during the 12th Havana Biennial in 2014, and that already contained the Dossier de Arte with a dozen trinitarian artists, along with other great Cuban artists such as Eduardo Roca (Choco), Alberto Lescay, and Kcho, who still appeared in the magazine.

In this way, in the first room of the "Benito Ortiz" gallery, works by Yudith Vidal Faife, Lázaro Morgado, Rodley Pérez Navarro, Yassier Elizagaray, Jorge César Sáenz, Alejandro López, Ismael Rodriguez, Osley Ponce, Julio César Cepeda , Rudys Rubo, Willian Bonilla, Ariel Broche, Miguel Angel Valdivia, Carlos Matta, and Luis Blanco Rosindo, are exhibited today. Many of them trained and graduated in "Oscar Fernandez Morera" School of Art in Trinidad, and today, they stand out for sustaining a solid artistic proposal in the galleries of the city of Sancti Spiritus.

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Among the distinguished guests who attended the opening, were Katherine Muller Marín, Director of the UNESCO Regional Office for the Caribbean; Rolando Escobar, first secretary of the PCC in Trinidad; Gladys Collazo, president of the National Heritage Council; Tania Gutiérrez, president of the Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power and José Carlos de Santiago, president of the Excelencias Group, together with the directors of the Offices of the Conservative of Baracoa and Santiago de Cuba, among other personalities attending the First Gourmet Trinidad  Seminar 2018.

Arte por Excelencias will be ten years old, and its first edition went to the Biennial of Havana in 2009, so the Exhibition "Pase de Revista", is part of the program of activities to welcome the closed anniversary of the existence of this Multicultural Publication of Ibero-America and the Caribbean.

By Alexis Triana