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Peru: The Art & Culture of an Ancient Civilization

Peru: The Art & Culture of an Ancient Civilization

Looking for your next travel destination? Traveling with the Frost Art Museum FIU connects the museum's members to cultural experiences through art and history. Our itineraries are crafted to give our guests an educational and enriching experience that will allow you to see firsthand how art can bridge history and the present day to reveal our shared cultural heritage.

Join us as we visit Peru where modernity meets ancient cultures and civilizations. We will start in the historic city of Lima - a colonial capital with a unique architectural flair, art museums, and a vibrant nightlife. Then on to Cusco, which is the gateway to the mystical Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

Revel in ancient Incan history, its many conquests, its disappearance and finally its discovery in the early 1900s. We will have access to private exhibitions and specially curated tours of museums. Our program will be hosted by Dr. Jordana Pomeroy, Director of the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU. Our studies leader, Dr. Désirée Díaz, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American and Latino Studies at Swarthmore College, will guide a special and unique experience. 

October 15 – 23, 2018