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Upcoming Exhibitions at Hecho a Mano

Upcoming Exhibitions at Hecho a Mano

Mikayla Patton's (Oglala Lakota) newest series of work is an exploration of landscape in beaded form, stitched to handmade paper the artist had other intentions for before COVID-19 shut down her studio at IAIA.

"I was planning on creating three-dimensional boxes with laser-cut patterns, but I had to pivot, real quick! Spending so much time indoors, you start to long for nature," the artist says. Using traditional Lakota design as a starting point, Patton stitches beadwork to hand-pulped paper with references to New Mexico red earth and gold in the Black Hills.

Hollis Chitto is quickly becoming known for his precise, dazzling beaded jewelry and bags as museum shows and publications like Vogue Magazine are recognizing and sharing his talent.

"My interest in art began when at an early age. I'm told my grandmother was a beadworker. Although she died when I was very young, many people believe her talent was passed down to me.