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Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group has decided to join these initiatives and offers free access to its means of tourism, art and gastronomy in its free app EXCELENCIAS.
ArtLima reaffirms its commitment to art but does not want to put its participants at risk

ArtLima reaffirms its commitment to art but does not want to put its participants at risk

ArtLima, the visual arts event that has managed to establish itself in the world circuit of international fairs spreading Peruvian and Latin American contemporary art, also decides to postpone its appo
arteBa 2019

arteBA stands in solidarity and postpones its dates

Arte por Excelencias, arteBA media partners, joins the samples of solidarity with those affected and shares their wishes for an early solution to the problem.
 Alina Torres, Marta Caballero and Marianela Dufflar

The Artex of the Cuban

The party that marked the day for Artex's thirty anniversary multiplies with these offers and ensures that the Cuban is present in each of their artistic endeavors.
Paris Photo New York Postponed

Paris Photo New York Postponed

After careful consideration and comprehensive discussions with galleries and partners, the inaugural edition of Paris Photo New York, organized by Reed Expositions France, will be postponed to a later
Musea Brugge. Van Eyck in Bruges

Musea Brugge. Van Eyck in Bruges

Within the context of 'The Year of Van Eyck', the exhibition is centred around two masterpieces by Jan van Eyck, the Burgundian court painter from Bruges.
Work of Joaquín Lalanne

Art Madrid. A different and accessible fair

Recently, the 15th edition of the ART Madrid’20 Contemporary Art Fair was held, in which 41 galleries and almost 200 artists from various countries participated, highlighting the presence of Spanish an
March: Francophonie Month in Cuba

March: Francophonie Month in Cuba

The month of March in Cuba will be composed of artistic and cultural actions brought by the Francophonie Day to celebrate in Havana, Matanzas and Santiago de Cuba, the 50th anniversary of the birth of
the satirical weekly “Don Circunstancias”

The returning Havana

Cuba has a long history of periodicals in which caricatures and cartoons provide a glimpse of society`s daily life at different moments of its historical evolution.
David Zwirner present Late Klee

David Zwirner London. Late Klee

David Zwirner London presents Late Klee, the gallery's second solo exhibition of Paul Klee's work since announcing its exclusive collaboration with the Klee Family.
Kirk Diuglas. Mercedes-Benz

Roll with Art. Kirk Douglas, the last star of old Hollywood, passed away

Not only is he admired for his brilliant performances, his films and his awards, but also for other important aspects of his life.
Lygia Clark

Lygia Clark. Painting as an experimental field, 1948-1958

A pioneer in abstraction, Lygia Clark (1920-1988) was an important figure in the Brazilian avant-garde and a major artist of the second half of the 20th century.
Enriqueta Favez

Enriqueta Favez vindicated by art

Almost two hundred years ago, colonial Cuba was the scene of one of the most heinous stories committed against a woman.
David Shrigley, Sin título, 2019

Maison Ruinart & David Shrigley. Unconventional Bubbles

Each year, Maison Ruinart commissions an international contemporary artist for a carte blanche exhibition paying tribute to its history, heritage, savoir-faire and champagne cellars (listed as a Unesco

Women from and through photography

March begins with this song to the women that means the exhibition WOMEN, a century of change in which, with the help of National Geographic Spain and with the commission of Marisa Florez, the Andalusi