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Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group has decided to join these initiatives and offers free access to its means of tourism, art and gastronomy in its free app EXCELENCIAS.

12-14 contemporary. OK & JETZT

With OK & JETZT we're showing an exhibition interface between the digital and analog world.

Enriqueta, centuries apart

Last 2019 it was two hundred years since the arrival in Cuba of Enriqueta Faves and one hundred since the suicide of the excellent poet María Luisa Enriqueta del Carmen Milanés (Liana de Lux).
Torkwase Dyson

Torkwase Dyson. Frieze Online Viewing Room

Rhona Hoffman Gallery is honored to present new and recent work by Torkwase Dyson (Chicago, b. 1973) for the 2020 online edition of Frieze New York.
Oswaldo Guayasamín

Guayasamin`s expressionism still chronicles the peoples

Family, friends and admirers of the artist pay tribute every year by laying a wreath next to the “Árbol de la Vida” (Tree of Life,) as they call a pine planted by Guayasamin himself in the yard of his
Ambigú Bayamés

Ambigú Bayamés: for a creative city

Bayamo is an ingenious city, rich in inventive tradition and a pioneer in various aspects of cultural life.
Paris Gallery Weekend

Paris Gallery Weekend 2020

Paris Gallery Weekend 2020 will take place from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th July 2020 and the event will mark a big comeback in the galleries a few weeks after the confinement.
Landscapes not to color

Collective scene and complaint

Landscapes not to color is the result of a collective process in which nine adolescents between 13 and 17 years old, and without theatrical experience, in workshops and meetings spoke with more than a
The official caricaturist of Los Van Van

Esteban Isnardi: The official caricaturist of Los Van Van

To the rhythm of his most tropical and graphic creations I met Esteban Isnardi. I could not fancy how the sandbank strokes and harmonious twists of light that adorned his caricatures could have been th
“Beijing Opera”

Narrating China through performing art

“Beijing Opera” is listed as the quintessence of Chinese culture, so it is often part of the cultural exchange abroad.
 “Escritura Migrante”

Doing away with borders through art

January is a month in which summer and school holidays are celebrated in the countries of South America, but for the “Escritura Migrante” staff it was a time to show artistic works and meet different p
PArC Peru

PArC Peru Contemporary Art Fair invites

PArC, Peru Arte Contemporáneo, and the EFG Wealth Management announce that from May 1 you will be able to enter our website and visit the fair in vi
The venue NECC Shanghai

Exhibit at China's largest cluster for international cultural trade

The Shanghai International Art Fair (SIAF) NECC, 19-22 November 2020 is open for applications to exhibit.
The Climax, The Black Cape y The Peacock Skirt: las ilustraciones de Aubrey Beardsley para Salomé de Oscar Wilde

Tate Modern. Free online tour of Aubrey Beardsley

Free online tour of Aubrey Beardsley at Tate britain.
ballet nacional de cuba

A new year, a new era

The “Ballet Nacional de Cuba”, the indisputable pride of the Greater Antilles, has a new General Director since the first day of the year 2020. A new era begins.