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Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group has decided to join these initiatives and offers free access to its means of tourism, art and gastronomy in its free app EXCELENCIAS.
Marcel Dzama Children playing around a basin, 2018 © Marcel Dzama Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner

Marcel Dzama: Pink Moon

From April 23, this only online exhibition will present new, never-before-seen drawings by Marcel Dzama inspired by his travels in Morocco, and his recent trip to Mexico.
LY / Dennis Osadebe

LY / Dennis Osadebe: "Neo Luv"

GR gallery is pleased to announce "Neo Luv" a duo exhibition showcasing new works by internationally known artists from Nigeria and Japan: Dennis Osadebe and LY painter.
Art Bin performance Photo:KATO Ken

Yokohama Triennale to feature Taiwanese contemporary artists

Contemporary art exhibition will display works from three Taiwanese creatives in addition to 65 international art works.
Gary Nader

Gary Nader hosts Art Auction to help our community fighting COVID-19

Gary Nader is pleased to announce To Serve Mankind Online Benefit Auction.
Rara Avis

Art for the restless mind

Several times I have had the urge to write about the exhibitions organized by Galería Habana. Ever since I set a foot for the first time on the gallery, in 2013, I have always been impressed by the hig
Solange Pessoa In the Sun and the Shade

In the Sun and the Shade. Mendes Wood DM Brussels

Utilizing the entirety of the Brussels gallery space, the show includes a new body of biomorphic ceramic sculptures, a series of genipap paintings (2013-2017) as well as the new triptych Primavera Bêba
Harold Ancart, Untitled, 2020 © Harold Ancart / SABAM, Brussels Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner Photo by JSP Art Photography

David Zwirner Online. Harold Ancart

This online-only exhibition features sculptures by Harold Ancart from a series which offered the artist a means to explore, within the constraints of the ordinary format of the pool, the endless possib

A century and a half of Danzón tradition

Danzón reveals the emergence of an endogenous musical expression in the nineteenth-century Cuban sociocultural framework.
Art Basel

Artist shortlist for BMW Art Journey announced

Art Basel and BMW are delighted to present the 2020 artist shortlist for the BMW Art Journey, a joint initiative recognizing and supporting emerging artists worldwide. Like a mobile studio, the BMW Art

Life is a dream from the Caribbean

In Santo Domingo, the first city in the New World, there is a theater group that for twenty-eight years has defended the ties between tradition and modernity. Its name is Guloya.
The death of a bureaucrat

“La muerte de un burócrata” (The death of a bureaucrat) is reborn in Venice

Each restored copy of an important film means a rebirth, the beginning of a new itinerary on the screens of the world that, at times, did not enjoy at its premiere.
Andy Warhol

Tate Modern. Free online tour of Andy Warhol

Available to view on Tate's website and Youtube channel from today, Monday 6 April, the Tate Modern team of Gregor Muir, Director of Tate's Collection of International Art, and Fiontán Moran, Assistant
Marbella Design

Marbella Design. New Date

Marbella Design will take place from the 27th of August 27 to the 5th of September at Palacio de Congresos, Ferias y Exposiciones de Marbella.
40 un-contacts

40 un-contacts: A project by Fernando Carabajal

The proposal has included represented and unrepresented artists who have exhibited on the Arróniz walls, generating a diverse, international and intergenerational plastic conversation.