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Art Marbella

Art Marbella and Marbella Design: new dates and special events

Art Marbella and Marbella Design will take place simultaneously from November 4th to November 14th, 2021 in our usual place, el Palacio de Congresos de Marbella.
San Sebastian Festival’s

Screenings at San Sebastian Festival’s 68th edition were attended by more than 66,000 people

In addition to having registered no infections and having attracted the interest of more than 1,000 film industry professionals, as well as almost 700 journalists from 376 media outlets, the Festival i
'50 Years of Art Basel: the 2010s'

'50 Years of Art Basel: the 2010s'

Thursday’s talk will explore the 2010s and how the Asia Pacific art scene – diverse in its cultures and histories – has risen to international prominence over recent decades.
N2 Gallery in Drap-Art

N2 Gallery in Drap-Art

The exhibition can be visited from today until January 5, 2021.
42nd International Latin American Film Festival.

Documentary reflects cultural ties between Cuba and the US

The documentary 'Havana Comes to Brooklyn', by Venezuelan director América Maldonado, reflects the cultural ties between Cuba and the United States on the big screen of the 42nd International Latin Ame

Pinta Miami 2020. Enjoy Pinta Miami Live

Pinta Miami Live, Dec 2-15, 2020

KBr. Fundación MAPFRE

With two exhibition areas, a bookstore, an area for educational activities and a multi-purpose auditorium, KBr becomes a national and international reference in the field of photography.
Pepe Mar's Love Letter to the Frost

Pepe Mar's Love Letter to the Frost

In the Frost Art Museum's newest installation, Pepe Mar marries a broad range of visual references and personal obsessions spanning art, fashion, queer history, and Mexican culture.
Statuette of Ahmose-Nefertari Deir el-Medina New Kingdom, 18th dynasty (ca. 1539–1292 B.C.E.) Wood Cat. 1389 Museo Egizio, Turin, Italy

Kimbell Art Museum. Queen Nefertari's Egypt

The exhibition is organized by the Museo Egizio, Turin, and StArt, in collaboration with the Kimbell Art Museum.
Kandinsky, Black Lines (Schwarze Linien), December 1913

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Kandinsky

Drawn primarily from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation's rich holdings, Kandinsky traces all the aesthetic evolutions of one of the foremost artistic innovators of the early 20TH century.
Solo show "EMBRACE"

Marion BOEHM. Solo show "EMBRACE"

Boehm’s desire is to nobly depict her black subjects in the manner that Europeans have been historically portrayed.
Hybrid I in the dark, showing the fluorescent effect © Oak Taylor Smith for Factum Arte

Hybrid Corals and Virtual Exhibitions

Shezad Dawood at Timothy Taylor.
Este Arte International Art Fair

ESTE ARTE: Why doing an art fair anyway?

We planned a 2021 edition online and in-person.
Aninat Galería Art Basel OVR: Miami Beach 2020

Aninat Galería Art Basel OVR: Miami Beach 2020

On the occasion of Art Basel's OVR: Miami Beach, Aninat Galería is pleased to present a selection of recent works by artists Catalina Swinburn, Mónica Bengoa, and Nicolás Franco, at NOVA sector of the
Art Basel

Art Basel shifts Hong Kong fair from March to May 2021

The 2021 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from May 21 to May 23, 2021, with preview days on May 19 and May 20, 2021.