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cartel de la feria del libro

A book opens in the Cuban capital

In a year marked by the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the 500th birthday of San Cristóbal de La Habana, the 28th edition of the International Book Fair will take place in the Cabaña Fortress between February 7 and 17.
Flo Rida (Tramar Dillard)

Roll with Art. Rapper FLO RIDA and his Bugatti Veyron

I learned about Flo Rida (Tramar Dillard) when I first saw him in that video of Jennifer López´s concert (Miami, 2012) with Enrique Iglesias.Then I met his preference for the Bugatti Veyron, which has
Kelvis Ochoa

GASTROCULT and La Conga de Juana

The art of Kelvis Ochoa gives prestige to the event GASTROCULTADO from January 8 to 10, 2019 will have as author of Track 6 as one of his guests with Haila Maria Mompié, Juan Guillermo (JG), among othe
Iglesia del Santo Ángel

The Church of the Santo Ángel Custodio

Located in Old Havana, a church attracts attention. Built in 1690, it is witness to what Havana has been in almost 500 years.
Icebergs nations. Rubén Martín de Lucas

Rubén Martín de Lucas: guest artist of Art Madrid 2019

The 14th edition of the contemporary art fair Art Madrid will have Rubén Martín de Lucas as a Guest Artist. From February 27 to March 3, 2019, in the Galería de Cristal de Centro - Centro you can enjoy
José Miguel Pérez

Eternally Alicia

The exhibition Divas by the artist José Miguel Pérez was inaugurated in the Zoom Monographic room of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso.
Entrevistado por Arte por Excelencias

Log of an approved solstice

The Embassy of Spain in Cuba celebrated the Solstice Festival and Jorge Peralta, cultural advisor, spoke with Arte por Excelencias.
Pierre Bonnard (1867 - 1947) Nude in the Bath (Nu dans le bain)  1936-8

The C C Land Exhibition. Pierre Bonnard: The Colour of Memory

In January 2019, Tate Modern will stage the UK´s first major Pierre Bonnard exhibition in 20 years, showing the work of this innovative and much-loved French painter in a new light.
Mejunje de Excelencias

The Mejunje de Excelencias.

So, almost in the preparation of the year-end marinade, the magazine went back to Santa Clara to serve a double ration-the numbers forty - one and forty - two.

ZONAMACO will celebrate its 16th edition with over 180 exhibitors from 22 countries

The sixteenth edition of ZONAMACO México Arte Contemporáneo and the ninth of ZONAMACO Diseño will gather more than 180 galleries and exhibitors from 22 countries of America, Europe, and Asia.
Alexis Triana presenta Arte por Excelencias en FIART

A magazine of Fiart

And Arte por Excelencias could not stop "sneaking" into such a unique cultural space.
Haila presenta su nuevo disco

"I´m an Extraordinarily Lucky Woman"

"An album is like a child that one gestates until we finally give birth to it," said well-known Cuban singer Haila María Mompié, who presented Thursday the eighth album of his successful solo career wi
El Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro impone a Salvador la medalla de Héroe del Trabajo de la República de Cuba

Salvador Wood, a life of inspiration

For our generation, those of us who were born in the sixties of the last century, Salvador Wood is a myth, a face that has accompanied us in the happiest moments of our childhood and youth. He was an a
Excelencias Awards

Admission period for Excelencias Cuba Awards is extended

On this occasion and in response to the countless requests from those who have not yet been able to apply for the Excelencias Cuba 2018 Awards, the Organizing Committee decided to extend the deadline f
Alberto Lescay. Foto: Habana Radio

Lescay paints his grandfather

In short, here is an artist from Santiago de Cuba: universal, full of many lives and committed, honest and loyal to the destiny of his homeland - because Lescay is so and does not need to proclaim it o