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Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group supports the dissemination of culture during Coronavirus

Excelencias Group has decided to join these initiatives and offers free access to its means of tourism, art and gastronomy in its free app EXCELENCIAS.

HEROINES at the Thyssen-Bornemisza

Madrid: As many as 120 pieces collected from museums around the world, representing some of the most celebrated women portraits will be exposed at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum from March 8 to Jun

Rooms of their own

Madrid: Seventeen artists have come up with a project called A Room of Your Own that opens on March 8 at the exhibition hall of the School of Fine Arts of the Universidad Complutense.


The genre discourse is part of the visual arts’ contemporary language, yet its entelechy is marked by the circumstances of being a woman, all in herself, one of the permanent reasons of their hist

Boullosa, Costa, Zabala. In between the interstices of tradition

The publication of the only issue of arturo magazinein 1944 marked the beginnings of the first movement of abstract art in Argentina. It is a form of art that invents and opposes

Juan Acevedo Fernandez de Paredes

He was born in Lima in 1949. He studied Letters and Fine Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and History of Art at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Since 1969 he’s c

Making Way for the Vanguards

Two years since its first cycle of life we’re nowcelebrating with the presentation of issue eight, the Arte por Excelencias magazine is fulfilling its natural goal: to make way for the ar

Rufo in 7 Assertions

1. With his constantly increasing professional evolution, Rufo Caballero showed that he was an endless creator of intellectual genre or communicative expression. Hence his project

On a line of powder

Santiago Rueda strikes back with a Line of Powder, quieter and more effective in his analysis of a particular local artistic phenomenon. Art and Drugs in Colombia, the winner tex

Alas con Puntas, A work in progress and its main ideoesthetic codes

Tipped wingsis a project worth taking a look at for a number of good reasons.First of all, for its hefty multi or interdisciplinary stamp in which the plastic arts, musi

Sara Hooper. The Temptation of Flesh

Flesh is the laconic, intense title of the latest collective exhibit Sara Hooper has been involved in. Even though the word carnein Spanish seems to underscore the animal charact

Alexandre Arrechea. The rules of play

If you were standing outside the internationalfestival of Latin American film in Cuba and didn’t have the money to attend how would you gain admittance? Would you plan a covert path of entry aroun


Madrid: El Espacio Cultural Excelencias inaugurará hoy viernes 4 de marzo a las 20:00 horas, la muestra Paisajes cobianos, del artista Mariano Cobo (Comillas, Cantabria, 1953). Unas 64 ac

2011 ARCO MADRID: Post-crisis art

As a wrap-up of the fair that got the contemporary art season going in the Spanish capital in the month of February, A x E News recommends readers the comment entitled ARCO MADRID 2O11: Post-C

Moris in ARCO

Arroniz Arte Contemporaneo opened in Mexico City back in 2006 with a view in mind to make more room for a new breed of artists from Mexico and Latin America.