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IBEA: Ibero-American Association for the Spread of Culture and Tourism

For more than a year, boldface names in the tourism industry, culture, gastronomy and heritage have created IBEA, the Ibero-American Association for the Spread of Culture and Tourism.

NadalitoThe photography of mental processes

The Esthetics x Genetics exhibition (23 y 12 Art Center, 2007) by Matanzas-born artist Nadalito showcased a coherent process of interrelations among different aspects of the artist’s career. The main t

Editorial 5 English

With issue number five, Art by Excelencias is marching on to its second year of publishing life. New territories and artists from Argentina, Bolivia, Canada and Colombia are joining this time around fr

Art Tequila

There are some products that, beyond their being commercial items, garner the status of cultural ambassadors for their origin and history. They are linked to a country’s traditions, they grow with it,

Julio le Parc and light demystification

Twenty years have gone by since Julio Le Parc had been in Havana last; his relationship was quite aloof, yet unforgotten. Many trips from the 1960 to the late 80 had turned him into a reference –and a

Clouds in an unchanging sky

The Clouds in an Unchanging Sky exhibit in Madrid’s Casa de America takes a peek at the city of Bogota from two different views: Spanish photographer Ricky Davila and Colombian poet Dufay Bustamante. T


Goya and the Voices of Dawn, by writer Reyes Caceres Molinero, assumes an original contribution to a topic that art mavens, researchers and historians have time and again gone over in one of Goya’s pai

Eleven in Argentina

Those who know about the history of Cuban art have probably found out that, in keeping with the historic rigor, this heading must be construed as a blunder because the group of Cuban painters and sculp

Art on the Web...

For those who like critical

Tomás Sánchez. Going beyond time

The latest presentations staged by Tomas Sanchez –who has expressed himself through painting, drawing, ceramic art, puppet design, set design, fabrics, graphics and gems– reveal the multiplicity of a c

Art by Excelencias at UNEAC

With the presence of Miguel Ba

First Chile Triennial. Scouting the boundaries

Chile’s First Visual Arts Triennial has displayed neither artworks nor artists who can put on a good show. However, a whole country got hyped as a scenario thanks to a job well done by renowned curator


One of the most striking and symbolic artworks of the past Havana Biennia was no doubt “The Oil Tanker” by artists Reynerio Tamayo (Niquero, 1968) and Eulises Niebla (Matanzas, 1963). The piece intends

Killing the Discursive Father?

How can art reviews be made in the Americas? That’s a heck of a question. How can art reviews be focused on a young art where, as we read in this section of the magazine’s first issue, definition, iden

Octavio Paz and art review

A shortfall of research studies on the continental arts is the theoretical context poet Octavio Paz’s critical contribution hinges on. During the First Iberian American Meeting of Art Critics and Fine