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IBEA: Ibero-American Association for the Spread of Culture and Tourism

For more than a year, boldface names in the tourism industry, culture, gastronomy and heritage have created IBEA, the Ibero-American Association for the Spread of Culture and Tourism.

The Lynx, the mask and the tightrope

Maurizio Cattelan’s playful heresies are pigeonholed in the controversy between essence and appearance that rules different contemporary disguising strategies. Among the body, the object and the action

Latin American public art over the last two decades.

From a multitude of approaches, art critics, curators, artists and other experts have homed in on what they call public art, though there’s no such thing as a stamped theoretical definition resulting f


Over thirty books have been written about Alfredo Jaar (Chile, 1956). Outstanding thinkers from around the globe have churned out brilliant texts on the most recognized Chilean artist worldwide. Some o


Born in Corozal, Sucre, Colomb


Rodrigo Moya is Mexican and was born in 1934. After 75 years of an intense lifetime in which he’s tried his hand at several trades and has nourished on countless experiences, the art and the trade that

Does the Abuse Stop Here?

In his cult text “The Sufficiently Good Artist: Beyond the Avant-Garde Artist,” Donald Kuspit hurt for forever more the pride-swollen megalomania found in that kind of artist. Kuspit stripped the histr

Agbón Ilé

The Orí. El Òrìsà personal exhibition is just another excuse to take back on Santiago Rodriguez Olazabal’s artwork, one of the esthetic proposals that better brings together the rituals,

The edge and the boundary: Libia Posada’s work

Artistic practices are “ways of doing” that take part in the general distribution of the ways of doing and in its relationships with the ways of doing and the forms of visibility. <

Preserving The Caribbean’s Modern Architecture*

The relative similarity in key aspects, like weather and geography, coupled with the wise and talented interpretation of these conditions by the local and foreign architects who designed works in diffe

There’s something going on in Central America

Central America has entered a new era and reached a point of no return

Tenth Cuenca Biennial. Reality and new times

Q & A with Head Curator.

The Young Looks

Watching the youngsters still seeing Casa de las Americas as a space of recognition and promotion for their fledgling careers is a satisfaction for those who started out that project and cultural cente

A place for resistance. Ninth Video & Media Art Biennial, Chile 2009

The Ninth Video & Media Ar


Cuba’s visual arts are going t