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IBEA: Ibero-American Association for the Spread of Culture and Tourism

For more than a year, boldface names in the tourism industry, culture, gastronomy and heritage have created IBEA, the Ibero-American Association for the Spread of Culture and Tourism.

ARCO 2011: Tradition and Renovation

Interview to Carlos Urroz by Jose Carlos de Santiago


(...) The world economic crisis hit the realm of collectors particularly hard in some levels, esp

Balances between Theory and Artistic Practices: A Research Group from Antioquia

The Group of Theory and History of Art Research linked to the Arts Faculty of the University of Antioquia and the Institute of Philosophy was created in Medellin, Colombia, in 2001; also in that U

Editorial - 7

All of the practices we’ve wanted to include in Art by Excelencias in an effort to provide a comprehensive look at the fine arts in the Americas and the Caribbean, collections and gallery

Wanderings in Work Progress

Regardless of its bulkiness, this is not an opera summa book on Cuban painter Flavio Garciandia, who given the precociousness of his early-bird creation and the vastness of his work, can be allege

GARY NADER. Art as passion

(...) Who are, in your opinion, the finest Latin American and Caribbean artists ever?
Latin American art is an old concept that must be updated. Back in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, Lat

Eduardo Márceles Daconte: Resources of Imagination

In his most recent book, Eduardo Marceles Daconte examines, from different perspectives, the development of visual arts in the region, particularly during the second half of the 20th century and t


As we’ve been presenting in previous issues, the Internet has become a promotional space of choice for countless cultural projects and institution, art events and to showcase the works of renowned

The Latin Types

The Latin Types Biennial got its big break in Buenos Aires back by the hand of outstanding Argentine designer Ruben Fontana. The event became the showcase for a number of creators and trends in su


ARTURO KEMCHS DAVILA (Mexico City, 1958), cartoonist and comics writer who has seen his drawings published in countless printed periodicals from a number of countries.

He chaired th

Picasso´s First

As I was getting set to broach the new article for this section, an event that struck my attention came to pass. What’s more, it was exciting enough to make me change the subject, or at least put

Has Contemporary Art Died, Like a Label Twist?

(...) In principle, it’s crystal-clear that the contemporary cannot be mixed up with the modern or the coeval. There are coeval products that break free from contemporary sensitivity. The contempo

Language, word and city in VÄLPARAÍSO INterVENCIONES

(...) VÄLPARAÍSO INterVENCIONES represented a type of art less submitted to the show, to the institution of art and cultural industry; one closer to the citizenship, to the social plot; m

Damasceno’s Contemplative Thinking

People talk a lot about the globalized world. Fully convinced or not of such assertion. As a consequence, the terms “international music”, “international food”, “international chef” and, of course

From the screen to the “layers” in painting, or how to talk quicker about our delays

(...) Cordero started to work in October 2009 on nine paintings of the same size, all of them different from each other, taking as reference classical genres of the history of painting: portrait,