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IBEA: Ibero-American Association for the Spread of Culture and Tourism

For more than a year, boldface names in the tourism industry, culture, gastronomy and heritage have created IBEA, the Ibero-American Association for the Spread of Culture and Tourism.

Devising Realities: Cuba’s Video Art Forewarned

If we were to make a quick tour through the history of the Cuban arts, we’ll see how the presence of women in the plastic arts was timely and decisive during the first half of the 20th

Museums without borders

The 104th Annual Meeting of American Museums (AAM), held from May 23 to 26 this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California, was the place of choice to take a closer look at

Art by Excelencias: a window to the world

On the afternoon of Nov. 16, 2010, the Servando Museum in the Cuban capital was the place of choice for the presentation of the Art by Excelencias magazine’s two latest issues (6 and 7).

Helio Flores Viveros

Helio Flores Viveros was born on Oct. 8, 1938 in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. He studied architecture at the Universidad Veracruzana. From 1966 to 1967 he lived in New York and studi

3 Cuban Poster Makers

Graduated with degrees in Informational Design at the Higher Institute of Design (ISDI), Monzon (class of 2002), Hollands (2002) and Laura Llopiz (2000) have tried their hands at and grown in this

Iván Navarro: “I don’t believe there are Strategies for Artistic Success”

After attending last year’s 53rd Venice Biennial, Ivan Navarro’s career has been undisputedly on the rise. This platform gave top international hype. Working with galleries in New York, Madrid, Pa

Segura Ezquerro: Cuban or spanish?


It’s been over two decades, in 1988, since the grand opening of an exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts, an exhibit that hasn’t grabbed all the attention it deserved if we bea

When attitudes turn into goods (Art by Santiago Sierra)


Santiago Sierra is one of the artists who drewon the main leads of the readymade Duchamp-style.On one side is the position taken by the fictional shaman Joseph Beuys: the work of art sh

Art Basel Miami Beach Opens

The Art by Excelencias magazine, a publication targeting the visual arts in the Americas and the Caribbean, will be attending the fair from the publication pavilion and the presence of ou

NKAME: A Black and White Album for Belkis Ayon

What other book could be more anticipated than the one we hope it’s going to provide the keys to unraveling a mystery? The mystery of a work that could seem to be the result an anticipation, and t

Nibbling at buddha’s ear

I can’t help you, bro. I don’t know it either. Though I guess it might be somewhere; perhaps right there before your eyes, under your nose, so close and mocking at you visions, at your hallucinati

Editorial 8...

With the launch of its eighth issue and the presence of previous issues at such fairs as ARCO Madrid, Art Madrid, Mexico’s Zona Maco, ArtBó Bogota, Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach, Art by

Inside Rain at Excelencias Cultural Space

The Excelencias Cultural Space will have its grand opening in Madrid on Nov. 26 with the Inside Rain exhibit by Andres del Collado and commissioned by art historian Elvira Rilova. Del Col

Further Details about ARCOmadrid

This time, organizers have gone for a reduction in the number of participating galleries in an effort to offer a more compact and suitable event based on current conditions and to favor exchange a