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Espacio Trapézio and the Design European Institute’s “The Occupation of Limit”

Espacio Trapézio and the Design European Institute’s “The Occupation of Limit”

Espacio Trapézio and the Design European Institute (IED Madrid) are going to present –between May 1st and June 1st –aproject that invites students from the Master of Scenography to carry out a critical, creative and constructive reflection on the cultural space nestled in Mercado de San Antón.


The intervention has been developed by designing a scenographic installation with different sizes laths and joining them. A long rope establishes the continuity between one module and the other one.


The main idea of the project is related to the occupation of the limit and the sensations that are unleashed when changing our way. Instability, vertigo, astonishment and confusion can be felt when we start a journey to the unknown, beyond the limit.


The visitors can experience space by going through four different atmospheres: disequilibrium is the first one;the second one represents the contrast between full and empty, the expansion and reduction of space; the third atmosphere is the neuralgic core of the installation –the square - , a ludic place that promotes the communication among people; the fourth one, the hidden, is defined by several lattices that play with the fact of seeing and not to be seen. A disturbing sound can be heard in this space, since it breaks the peace feeling brought about by the light that flows out through the holes of the lattices.


All in all, it’s a temporal installation, conceived in a sustainable way to reuse the material and design new pieces of furniture, whichis going to colonize new spaces of Espacio Trapézio by means of different functional modules like chairs, stands, tables, hammocks, folding screens or shelves.


Development: Students from the Master of Scenography, Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid (IED):


Alice Darcangues, Ana Granja, Ana López, Astrey Fernandes, Isabel Ferrández, Marco Antonio Sánchez, Marta Muñoz, Paloma Plata and Paula Vidal.


Coordination: Andrea Santamarina, Saskia Bostelmann and Miriam Estrada.