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Arte Continua and #ZonaRayoActiva

Arte Continua and #ZonaRayoActiva

On Tuesday the 8th of August, starting from 4.00 pm, in the open space next to ARTE CONTINUA, we will host the event “Rayo.Cero”. This is one of the events from “#ZonaRayoActiva” project aiming at revitalizing a currently empty site in the heart of Havana’s Chinatown. The first of these activities has been the launch of “Cinema Terzo Paradiso”, the cinema club of the Embassy of the Rebirth/Third Paradise in Cuba. On that occasion, on July 23rd, 2017, we screened the animated cartoon by Mark Osborne “The Little Prince”. “Rayo.Cero” is made up of six simultaneous phases, each one led by different animators, who provide their experience, equipment and resources for the participants to experiment in a didactic and fun way the multiple ways of relating art to life. In addition to the check-points, five “creative nuclei” will activate, playing music, taking artistic photos and distributing instructions and information. After the checkpoints’ activities, the participants will be invited to take part in the final phase: the performance. Each contestant wishing to be part of this performance will receive a “passport” in which he or she tick-off different sections. After collecting the 6 signs referring to the completion of the check-points’ activities, the participants will receive a number that will correspond to their position in the final phase. The performance consists in that the participants form the symbol of the Third Paradise       , which derives from the project created by the Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto. Collaboration, the integration of ideas and efforts, is superior to the sum of parts or the individual impulse. From it can emerge nothing less than a rebirth and it is precisely in it that the idea of a Third Paradise exists: two elements combined giving origin to something absolutely new and different. “#ZonaRayoActiva” is the product of cooperation among many friends who rely on art as a tool to rediscover and regenerate life, liberating the creative forces of all. “#ZonaRayoActiva” is a search for renewed sense of our daily experience of walking in the neighborhood, drawing on a sheet of paper, decorating our body, dancing, singing or taking a picture; of relating to the environment and to ourselves. Welcome to the event that greets all the adventurous children, adolescents and adults who, like us, wish to refresh with new ideas Havana and its summer 2017.

Clandestina Check-point: Serigraphy workshop on canvas “Give me your pullover”. In this area people will print serigraphy inspired by the event on t-shirts, handbags, blouses etc. of their own with the support and resources of Clandestina. These garments will also be intervened by the fashion designer Celia Ledón. Participants are invited to sport the results of this workshop in the final performance.
La Marca Bodypainting Check-point: Body-art in process. La Marca artists will paint on the bodies of “Rayo.Cero” participants and of the dancers and musicians taking part in the performance.
La Marca and Colectivo BACANE Check-point: Serigraph workshop on reused paper. During this stage, with Colectivo BACANE, participants will print on a triangular piece of recycled paper, provided by La Marca. These “flags” will hang on a rope stretched on the entrance of the lot.
Ibsen Laboratory Check-point: Choreography. With Laboratory Ibsen, assisted by the Cuban School of Wushu, and coordinated by dramatist Martha Luisa Hernandez, participants will learn a choreography inspired by Wushu’s moves. With it they will perform in the final phase.
Ice cream parlor “Al Pirata” Check-point: Group games for pirates. A hidden treasure can be discovered by pirates joining this check point. The adventure in it include plant seeding and bodypainting, a set of surprises and flags for buccaneers.
Draw in the Third Paradise Check-point: “What do you wish this to be?” On the lot’s floor lays the symbol of the Third Paradise. At its edges, are marked the positions to be occupied by the participants. During this stage people, along with Martica Minipunto and Robertiko Ramos, will fill the central circle of the Third Paradise drawing with chalks possible future scenarios for “#ZonaRayoActiva”.
Creative nuclei
ARTE CONTINUA + the Rebirth Embassy / Third Paradise in Cuba Fixed nucleus: Information on the event and distribution of the spots for the final phase. The organizers of this event are two: ARTE CONTINUA and the Rebirth Embassy / Third Paradise in Cuba. Their respective teams will be responsible for coordinating the event and the final performance. The information on how to participate in “Rayo.Cero” will be complemented with information on the concept of the third paradise and the work of the Rebirth Embassy in Cuba. In addition, people will have the possibility to visit ARTE CONTINUA’s spaces and its current exhibition. In ARTE CONTINUA are currently exhibited works by the Cuban artist José Yaque and the Indian-British artist Anish Kapoor, which can be visited - exceptionally for this event - until 8.00 pm. Alternatively, they can be visited every day during ARTE CONTINUA’s opening hours: from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
María Claria Moving nucleus: “In doubt, refer to María Claria.” María Claria Sala de Leal is a powerful businesswoman who is responsible for the preservation and cleanliness of Havana’s bay. Her mission is to clean it with a great deposit of clarias, fish that serves both for this purpose, and as food. On the other hand, Maria Claria is the representative and ambassador of The Most Wanted, and she is the only one who knows him.
May Reguera Fixed nucleus: “Rayo.Cero photoshoot”. This photo-shoot is staged with materials provided by the photographer May Reguera and Clandestina. In it, people will be invited to disguise themselves and pose with the clothes recently customized in Clandestina’s workshop and with the key words from “Rayo.Cero”. These were suggested by the animators of “Rayo.Cero”, as well as collected by Martha Luisa Hernández during her interviews and meetings with Chinatown’s residents.
DJoy de Cuba Fixed nucleus: music and positive vibrations. A set by DJoy de Cuba, from ANALOGICA label, will accompany the event and the final stage. For it, the music was tuned on the choreography conceived by Ibsen Laboratory.
Revista El Oficio Fixed nucleus: “#ZonaRayoActiva” editorial. In this nucleus, visitors are invited to learn about “#ZonaRayoActiva”.
LAST PHASE PERFORMANCE The Third Paradise of “Rayo.Cero” The symbol of the Third Paradise will be drawn in the center of the lot. On its edges, there will be the numbers that correspond to the positions given to those who tick-off the six stages on their “passports.” During the performance, participants will stand on their numbers thus marking the edges of the symbol. From there they will dance to Djoy de Cuba’s tune, both improvising and performing the choreography of Ibsen Laboratory in collaboration with the Cuban School of Wushu, and wearing the clothes customized in Clandestina’s workshop. Three Sakura violinists will play during the performance: Martín Moya Fernández, Samuel Sebastián Fernández, Juan Eloy Colón Montero. The dancer Claudia Ilda Rodríguez will perform in it an intervention taken from the oeuvre “The Blue Poet” by Martha Luisa Hernández and Rogelio Orizon. THAnKS Decoration and sets “Aires de fiesta” Rayo.Cero´s six check-points will be realized by “Aires de fiesta” according to the characteristics and personalities of each one of them. “Aires de fiesta” is specialized in the planning, decoration and photography of events in Cuba. The organizers of Rayo.Cero wish to thank “Aires de fiesta” for their support and for inviting their collaborators to document the event. Our gratitude also extends to the Cuban School of Wushu for their support and participation in the creative process of the choreography for the event. Last but not least, we thank beforehand the video makers and photographers that share with us the material obtained during this event.
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