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lanchas hacen círculos en la costa

Arte Continua and #ZonaRayoActiva

On Tuesday the 8th of August, starting from 4.00 pm, in the open space next to ARTE CONTINUA, we will host the event “Rayo.Cero”. This is one of the events from “#ZonaRayoActiva” project aiming at revi

El Papel del dibujo exhibition

The Ángeles Baños gallery presents El Papel del dibujo project for the 7consecutive year with the support of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage (Ministry of education and culture of the Extre

Dynamic 2: Action, Intervention, Fashion, at Siqueiros Public Art Hall

SiqueirosPublic Art Hall showcased, on May 17, DYNAMIC.2 (DINÁMICA.2), a project that combines art, fashion and design by means of different theoretical-practical activities that shed light on the prob

Espacio Trapézio and the Design European Institute’s “The Occupation of Limit”

Espacio Trapézio and the Design European Institute (IED Madrid) are going to present –between May 1st and June 1st –aproject that invites students from the Master of Scenography to carry out a critical

DISPOSITIVOS POST- | S+T+I: Artistic Practices, Networks of Citizen Action in Post-Crisis Contexts

DISPOSITIVOS POST- | S+T+I is a project that features different phases in order to reflect, imagine, debate and propose interventions and collaborations, so as to establish a relation between the socia

Arttextum: New Contemporary Art Network

Madrid hosted on June 26 the presentation of Arttextum, Fabric of Cultural Agents inspired by Latin America, a project in which artists are shown as rivers with creative wealth that flow and modify the

VERWEILEN by Aitor Ortiz

Many exhibits are “cooked up” in Madrid’s galleries during the early going of the year, clearly on a basis to make them come together during the “fair season”. And in that pack. ARCO is no doubt t

Curatoria Forense on European Tour

Curatoria Forense is a work group devoted to contemporary art and coordinated by Chilean independent curator Jorge Sepulveda and Ilze Petroni, Argentinean art researcher. Since2005, they have been ca