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El Papel del dibujo exhibition

El Papel del dibujo exhibition

The Ángeles Baños gallery presents El Papel del dibujo project for the 7consecutive year with the support of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage (Ministry of education and culture of the Extremadura Government). On this occasion, the exhibition will be curated by Rafael Doctor, who will also lead a Conferences series titled Actuar sobre el papel or creating with paper. These are some Conference days on contemporary drawing in Spain to be held in parallel to the exhibition at the MEIAC with the collaboration of the Galería Ángeles Gallery.


The Group of artists selected by Rafael Doctor goes from consolidated carriers like that of Enrique Marty to Blanca Gracia born in 1989 and is complemented by the work of Ernesto Casero, Miguel Scheroff and Javier Arbizu.


El Papel del dibujo exhibition is aimed at demonstrating the validity and significance that the artistic practice on paper has in the present time. The paper, as a direct and spontaneous creation resource, is currently one of the elements on which the practice and contemporary thought is being developed. At a time, when everything is related to technology including supports, the resurgence of this practice provides a necessary balance in a tip of scale in which digital visual culture seems to prevail. The fact of using paper once again, returning to drawing and having those first tactile feelings becomes subversive, somehow, since it is like getting away from the path that the technological development seems to be imperative.


Enrique Marty, Salamanca, 1969


Through large photographic reproductions, with very few elements, this artist is able to change the initial meaning from which he used to start, and always from that kind of implicit and perverse game like it happens in the case of all the images fixed to some support. As great film posters, but without title or any kind of information, we have the opportunity to see a great string of monsters that rest their status on the harmless images of people who had previously posed in everyday circumstances.


Ernesto home, Valencia, 1977


With his detailed drawings he highlights another type of monstrosity worse than anyone can imagine: devastation related to diversity and the constant violation to which we have submitted the human beings from our system of consumption for which everything is valid mainly when it has economic benefit. They are extinct animals that we classify without being fully aware they are part of our close extinction.


Miguel Scheroff, Jaen, 1987


With two great images, like still life, he eliminates all type of romanticism and symbolism related to this kind of genre and it directly shows us the horror on which is based the hunting of wild animals in a world, in which is an exclusively perverse privilege, of a social class glued to the values of the past time for which the others’ pain or suffering it does not care.


Javier Arbizu, Estella, 1984


The elements related to memory and the melancholy associated with certain images seem to preside over his subtle work, in which everything seems to be related in a timeless atmosphere giving a particular reading to represented shapes.


Blanca Gracia, Madrid, 1989


The young artist from Madrid will create a short stay in which, in a particular manner, she will offer different notes from which she starts to set her works together with other works. In her work, you can appreciate a Western look in a globalized world where problems are assumed just through news and the individual is not satisfied with them as his or her observer position.


Creating with paper: Conference on contemporary drawing in Spain, MEIAC


Friday January 30, 2015

17:00: presentation

Pilar Merino: Director General of Heritage

Antonio Franco: Director of the MEIAC

Rafael Doctor: Director of conferences

17:15: Contemporary Spanish art on drawing, Javier Díaz Guardiola ABC art critic

18:00: The author and his work, Ernesto Casero, grace white, artists

19:00: Roundtable: Rosina Gomez Baeza, Director of Sur Caceres Forum, Javier Díaz Guardiola, Ernesto Casero, Blanca Gracia


Saturday January 31, 2015

11:00: Enrique Marty talks with Rafael Doctor

12:00: the author and his work: Javier Arbizu, Miguel Scheroff, artists

13:00: Roundtable: Jose Guirao, Director of La Casa Encendida, in Madrid, Enrique Marty, Rafael Doctor, Javier Arbizu, Miguel Scheroff

19:30: El papel del dibujo opening.


Angeles Baños Gallery

Ángeles Baños Gallery Plaza De Los Alféreces