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cartel de la feria del libro

A book opens in the Cuban capital

In a year marked by the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the 500th birthday of San Cristóbal de La Habana, the 28th edition of the International Book Fair will take place in the Cabaña Fortress between February 7 and 17.
Irene Rodríguez

Irene Rodríguez´s Tapping Heels Close at Hand

A gala in tribute to World Flamenco Day and the 82nd birthday of outstanding Spanish dancer and choreographer Antonio Gades, unfolded November 10 and 11 with a couple of performances staged at the "Ali

Flamenco on the terrace

A Compás Flamenco, the Spanish dancers María Juncal and Alfonso Losa, and Joaquín San Juan, director of the Flamenco and Spanish Dance Art Center Amor de Dios were the protagonists of the Terraza Españ
Actas Capitulares

Cuba Registration of Havana Charter Acts in UNESCO Program

Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler, historian of Havana received the certificate that accredits the official registration of the documentary series Actas del Ayuntamiento de La Habana Colonial Period 1550-1898,
Morfología psicológica. Roberto Matta

Roberto Matta´s useful lesson

Roberto Matta had a fruitful identification with the Cuban social and cultural process in its first decades.
Films in Progress 35 is opening its registration period

Films in Progress 35 is opening its registration period

The next Films in Progress will be held on the 28t and 29th of March 2019 within the framework of Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse

Art and Fashion, the futuristic experimentation of textile design in Cuba

From November 15 to 17, the Cuban Art building, in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Old Havana, will be the headquarters of Art and Fashion 2018. This time celebrating its 15 years, since its emerge

Ah, Trinidad of my loves!

Of what there is no doubt is that every time the Trinidad of Cuba is ready for an international festival of the arts. Hopefully and we will be heard on time.
René Francisco Rodríguez

The debt of René Francisco

Deuda (Debt) will be the next personal exhibition of the plastic artist René Francisco Rodríguez, National Prize for Plastic Arts, which will open on November 9 at the La Acacia gallery just at seven i
Fifth edition of the Patria Grande Festival

Fifth edition of the Patria Grande Festival

The fifth edition of the Patria Grande Latin American and Caribbean Music Festival will take place from November 9 to 17, in which musicians from seven countries will participate: Belize, Costa Rica, M

Inaugural Edition of the Habanos Caribbean Fest Coming to Curacao

Curacao will be hosting an unprecedented event: the first edition of the Habanos Caribbean Fest, slated for November 30 to December 1, 2018. 
Rafael Ansón

Rafael Anson to Be Praised by Star - Studded Chefs

A total of 35 chefs who boast 10 Michelin Stars and 17 Repsol Suns huddled in Vitoria to pay tribute to Rafael Anson, president of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, someone those great chefs consider a
Photographers in Ballet Shoes

Photographers in Ballet Shoes

"Divertissement" it intends to distance itself from the perspective usually presented by dance exhibitions.
The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist

Michael Rakowitz: The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist

Continuing the artist´s ongoing project The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist, the exhibition features a representation of the Northwest Palace of Nimrud´s Room Z, which was destroyed by ISIS in 2015.
Unanimous presence of dead and alive

Unanimous presence of dead and alive

The Day of the Dead was chosen to inaugurate, in the House of Benemérito de las Américas Benito Juárez the Unanimous Presence exhibition, a collective exhibition of twenty - six Cuban artists who honor