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Work of Liset Castillo in ARCO

Acacia Gallery: universal art for ARTBO

In this 15th edition of ARTBO, Acacia Gallery returns with a project focused on highlighting a type of art that directs its gaze towards the formal construction of the work, from aesthetic sophistication and good work, and from there on again topics such as religion, anthropology, the reconstruction of memory and identity, which have characterized our production.

ZONAMACO SUR 2020 will focus on the revision and expansion of the gender narratives in the artistic canon

The aim is to highlight the work of artists traditionally excluded for reasons of gender, population groups or geographical origin.
Work by Douglas Pérez

The tribute of Three Sad Tigers to Havana

Recently inaugurated in the Collage Habana Gallery, the Tres tristes tigres (Three Sad Tigers) exhibition is by its conception, very up to the purpose of the company to which it belongs, the Cuban Fund
Gonzalo Maciel: The horizon of light

Gonzalo Maciel: The horizon of light

In the Zielinsky Gallery in Barcelona, ​​the young Argentinean artist Gonzalo Maciel (Buenos Aires, 1990) presents his recent works.
Septeto Santiaguero en gira nacional

The Guarapachanga that moves Cuba

After almost 25 years of artistic career, two Latin Grammy awards won and numerous national and international awards, the Septeto Santiaguero was launched for its first tour of Cuba, presenting the CD
The International Film Festival of Gibara

The International Film Festival of Gibara reaffirms its commitments

The 15th edition of the Gibara International Film Festival will take place between July 7 and 13 in that beautiful place in Holguin, which is called Villa Blanca.

Sacbé: all the roads of Mexican culture

Until August 21 of this year, the Casa del Benemérito de las Américas Benito Juarez located in the oldest part of Havana, gives the visitor the exhibition Sacbé, way of exchange.
New Generation Barbie in La Nave

New Generation Barbie in La Nave

In the context of the celebrations for the centenary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Portugal, in the exhibition space La Nave, belonging to the Genesis. Art Galleries company, is open to the
Edouard Malingue Gallery at Condo New York 2019

Edouard Malingue Gallery at Condo New York 2019

Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Condo New York 2019 hosted by Petzel Gallery. Presented are works by Chou Yu-Cheng and Tromarama.
Projectthrough time

Violeta Janeiro´s Curated Project

Curator Violeta Janeiro presents at Art Marbella her Projectthrough time (A través del tiempo)
Peles Empire, The Sky Opens Twice, 2019. photo: © Peter Eder, artistically processed by Peles Empire

Peles Empire. The Sky Opens Twice

"The Sky Opens Twice" (2019) is the title of the large-format installation in the main hall of the venue, commissioned specially for this exhibition. It also references a page from the first collage no
Filming with Art Steven Spielberg´s yacht

Filming with Art Steven Spielberg´s yacht

This director of unforgettable films such as ET, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Schindler´s List and many others, Steven Spielberg, owns the largest and most luxurious yacht that navigates the Seven Sea
The Nature of Arp 

Peggy Guggenheim Collection: The Nature of Arp

The Nature of Arp brings together more than 70 works - sculptures in plaster, wood, bronze, and stone, painted wood reliefs, collages, drawings, textiles, and illustrated books - on loan from prominent
The 2019 edition of Art Basel attracted a truly global audience

The 2019 edition of Art Basel attracted a truly global audience

Art Basel brought together 290 premier galleries, presenting works ranging from early 20th century Modern art to the most contemporary pieces.
Detail of the work The town is me

Completed serigraphy printing by López Oliva

With the title of "El pueblo soy yo", Manuel López Oliva´s serigraphic work - on the open screen - was completed, held at the René Portocarrero Workshop of Génesis. Art Galeries.