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EXCELENCIAS GALERY,  A new space in Madrid for the Contemporary Art

EXCELENCIAS GALERY, A new space in Madrid for the Contemporary Art

The Excelencias Gallery, a space devoted to the promotion, exhibition and sale of contemporary art, will swing its gates wide open to showcase the most representative artworks within the main fine arts trends from the Americas and the Caribbean. The gallery will have its grand opening with “Art and Solidarity,” a charitable exposition with works by over a hundred artists who have expressed their support to the victims of hurricanes Gustav and Ike in Cuba. The funds raised in the sale of these pieces will be fully sent in the form of aid to those affected by the abovementioned tropical storms. The exhibit will be possible thanks to the support provided by the Excelencias Group, the Foundation for Human Development in the Americas and the Caribbean (FUCADHU), Iberia, the Club de Leon and Ayuda en Accion, that have joined hands with the “Galeria Solidaridad con Cuba Hoy” (Solidarity with Cuba Today Gallery) organized by the Cuban League of Writers and Artists (UNEAC). The Excelencias Gallery is located on 8 Magdalena Street on the corner of Tirso de Molina Square, between the Apollo Theater and the National Library, in the vicinity of the Barrio de las Letras neighborhood. This initiative seeks to be a part of the city hall’s efforts in enhancing Madrid’s cultural environment. The gallery belongs to the Excelencias Cultural Project for the promotion of the contemporary art through exhibitions, lectures, workshops and other actions that also include the publication of the Art by Excelencias magazine, the opening of a virtual cyberspace (, and the posting of an online newspaper ( with a view to publish about the main trends, developments and news on contemporary arts in the Americas and the Caribbean.

ERNESTO JAVIER FERNANDEZ ZALACAIN Storming of Havana II, 2007 Digital printing / Luster Epson 3x paper 89,5 x 89,5 cm. Ed. P.A

JORGE LOPEZ PARDO New Project No. 1, 2008 Graphite chalk on card, 120 x 80 cm

Ángel Ramírez Untitled, 2008, mixed technique on card, 38 x 56,5 cm