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Havana, an always photogenic city
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Havana, an always photogenic city

Snapshots of Havana and its people integrate the photographic folder The city in images, presented this Tuesday at the Second Cape Palace, as part of the tributes paid by the company Genesis. Art Galleries to the Cuban capital, on the 500th anniversary of its foundation.

The product, planned to be marketed soon in stores belonging to this entity; and in December to come at the XXXVII International Fair of Havana, FIHAV 2019, is composed of works by twelve renowned artists of the lens, representative of different periods and styles.

With the curatorship of Dr. Rafael Acosta de Arriba, who spoke the words of presentation, two photographers who had already disappeared were chosen for this project: Generoso Funcasta and Osvaldo Salas; with Pedro Abascal, Roberto Salas, Alfredo Sarabia Fajardo, Néstor Martí, Claudia Corrales, Liudmila Velazco and Nelson Ramírez de Arellano, Luis Mario Gell, Gabriel Guerra Bianchini, Humberto Mayol and Tomás Inda.


Rafael Acosta de Arriba during the presentation
Rafael Acosta de Arriba during the presentation


José Martí ´s birthplace, an urban landscape of Havana of the 30s of the last century, a naked body that poses on a buoy on the coast and the essential Malecon, are some of the beautiful and well-billed images grouped in the folder; which has as added value its careful impression.

Addressing those gathered at the Second Cape Palace, Dr. Acosta de Arriba described the selection of these twelve authors as “great challenge”; some of much experience and others younger, but of a trajectory in constant ascent.




He drew attention to the fact that Havana, the first island city that came to photography almost 180 years ago, continues to be “an absolutely photogenic city”; quality reaffirmed by the folder and the exhibition that, with reproductions of the images on a larger scale, will remain open to the public in the Rubén Martínez Villena gallery until October 19, thanks to the collaboration of the Office of the Historian of the City.

The presentation of The city as an image was attended by Guillermo Solenzal Morales, Vice Minister of Culture; Norma Rodríguez Derivet, president of the National Council of Plastic Arts; Tatiana Álvarez Delgado, director of Genesis. Art Galleries and the Excmo. Mr. Javier Esteban Figueroa, ambassador of the Argentine Republic; along with other managers and several of the selected photographers.