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Acacia Gallery: universal art for ARTBO

Acacia Gallery: universal art for ARTBO

In this 15th edition of ARTBO, Acacia Gallery returns with a project focused on highlighting a type of art that directs its gaze towards the formal construction of the work, from aesthetic sophistication and good work, and from there on again topics such as religion, anthropology, the reconstruction of memory and identity, which have characterized our production.

In this sense, the selected artists have transcended the aesthetic lines of an island, Caribbean and third world cartography, producing pieces in which it is impossible to identify the place of origin. This project makes evident the change in the operation of Cuban artists, leaving behind old aesthetic canons and operating from the outside (universal issues) inward (the particular or national).

René Francisco Rodríguez associates political, social and satire commentary with the use of video art, installation, action art and painting itself. His work establishes a dialogue with current questions of contemporary art. His work has been exhibited in different personal (Debt) and collective shows (The Night Face Up), and recently HB, as part of the XIII Havana Biennial, as well as in the international fair ARTBO 2018.

Inti Hernández's work has a philosophical foundation. Gravitates between chronological and psychological time. His temporal point of view is expressed in particular circumstances such as loneliness, waiting, social monotony. He has in his curriculum the personal exhibition Cotidiana (2016) and the collective Caja china, La noche boca arriba y HB, in addition to his participation in Pinta Londres 2014.

Glexis Novoa has produced his work in different media: painting, installation, performance and drawing. His work repeatedly resorts to the architecture of power, with social history as its main theme. He also participated in HB.

Liset Castillo presents the Madrepatria canvas series, two-dimensional works with sand and acetate as the main materials. It means more than anything a metaphor for contemporary society. The umbrella, inverted and bored, has ceased to fulfill the alleged protection function for which it has been designed. Collective samples: The night face up and HB. International fairs: Arco 2019 and ARTBO 2018.

On the cover: Work of Liset Castillo in ARCO