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The Biennial of Havana: faithful to its origins from the contemporary
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The Biennial of Havana: faithful to its origins from the contemporary

The defense of the founding values ​​of the Havana Biennial and its updating, in correspondence with the evolution on a universal scale of contemporary art in the last three decades, were underlined by Jorge Alfonso García, general director of the thirteenth edition of the event, foreseen to develop from April 12 to May 12, under the slogan The construction of the possible.

He explained, in a recent meeting with the press, the significant presence of European and American artists among the more than 200 of 54 nations that will attend the event, originally aimed at countries of the so-called Third World.

In the same way, Alfonso García ratified the institutional support that the Biennial receives in the country, as it is one of the events of greatest cultural significance of all those that take place here; nevertheless, the organizational and economic challenges that its realization represents.

"We also defend - already in global terms - the need for Cuba to have commercial spaces. You can not be away from them. It can not be a hostage of the market, but it can not be outside of it, " he said.

In that sense, he said that in the future it will be necessary to organize an Art Fair, a project that will be necessary to conceive with all the rigor required by cultural processes and to which one will go because the development achieved by the visual arts in the Major of the Antilles deserves it.


Chicho y Margarita


During the meeting with the reporters, Margarita González Lorente, head of the Biennial Curatorial Commission and Deputy Director of the Contemporary Art Center Wifredo Lam, the main sponsor of the event, pointed out that the great merit of the event consists of having resisted the pass of time and being positioned in the panorama of the world's Biennials.

"It's really a very recognized event, very studied. In the world there are many people who do theses on their different editions. That is to say, it is a material that is still contributing to the knowledge and the system of contemporary art".

Similarly, he stressed that every time the appointment is a moment in which the thinking and creation of all Cuban artists are activated, even when they are not among the more than 80 that have been invited to participate in this edition.