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Art and nature of Brazil in Pinta Miami
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Art and nature of Brazil in Pinta Miami

The gallery Janaina Torres - from São Paulo, Brazil - is responsible for bringing the art of young artists who link their creations to environmental concerns. Motivated by the artistic result of this binomial, we interviewed Janaina Torres gallerist present in Pinta Miami.

Janaina, we have seen some impressive images that you bring as part of the proposal of your gallery in this fair, can you tell us about the artist?

Luciana Magno is a 30-year-old Brazilian artist who was born in Belém Do Pará in northern Brazil. She has an investigation with the body as a continuity of nature, she does a job of mimesis. She has very long hair and her work is an accusation of the problems that occur in the Amazon forest.

And you are telling me that Luciana's work has been recognized in Brazil ...

Yes, she has deserved the PIPA Prize which is an important recognition of Brazil and Videobrasil Award, and as all the artist's research is with the body and works with videos, performances, then they are very valuable. This series was very much contemplated by several Brazilian institutions and collections.

How many exhibitions has she done?

Some in Belém Do Pará, in Rio. In my gallery we are going to do an exhibition in 2020

And the gallery brings some other artist?

Yes, Talitha Rossi is also a young artist, 30 years old like Luciana. The curator selected them because he does the same job of performances, video and photo. One is from Rio de Janeiro, from the southeast of Brazil and the other from the north and they do the same research with different realities.


Janaina Torres talks to Arte por Excelencias
Janaina Torres talks to Arte por Excelencias


It's the first time you come to Pinta Miami, what do you think?

It is my first time in Pinta and I am very happy and with many expectations. I think there was a lot of care with the curatorship. There is a quality at the fair and I love that, it is very well thought out.

What do you consider of ArtBasel to market?

It is a very important trade fair, very powerful commercially to make contacts with people, curators, it is an incredible fair.

I thank you very much for your interview.